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Best Fantasy Book Cover Artist of Our Time: Cris Ortega

So, I have all the art files for the new book cover now. All I can say is, “Wow!” While I confess to already being a total Cris Ortega fan, especially after how amazing her work was on the cover of The Galactic Mage, I am so completely blown away with how much control she has of light and texture and, just, everything. She’s got a level of mastery that it’s hard to comprehend—and I’m sure I don’t actually comprehend it, but it’s fun to try to fathom anyway. She’s definitely one of the top fantasy book cover artists working today. Continue reading Best Fantasy Book Cover Artist of Our Time: Cris Ortega

Rift in the Races: Draft Progress and Cover Update for April

I took a little five day vacation break, and now that I’m back, I feel refreshed. After three months writing pretty much every day, it was nice to step away from the keyboard for a few days and go see what the sun looks like. I had no idea that thing was so bright. It turns out, it even has this strange warming effect when its rays strike your skin. These are the things we forget when we dwell constantly in the dark cave of our writing dens. (Which I love and am very glad to get back into… that sun is a hot thing and turns our pale flesh pink with its cosmic violence!). (Uh… why am I talking like Golem now?) So, anyway, now I’m back, and wanted to let everyone know where the draft is and where the cover art is as of the end of April. Continue reading Rift in the Races: Draft Progress and Cover Update for April

Galactic Mage Book Two – Cover Art Underway

So, because I am the luckiest bastard on the planet when it comes to cover artists extraordinaire (took me three stabs to spell that, oh you cursed squiggly red line you!), I can now officially announce that cover art is underway for Rift in the Races (book 2 of The Galactic Mage series).

I’ve had the concept for the cover pretty well chewed on, thought through, mulled over, sketched out, and any other verb-preposition combos you can think of that speak to that sort of thing for quite some time, so when Cris Ortega contacted me and told me she was ready to fire up book two cover art, I squealed like a little girl and rapidly sent off my sketches.

I suppose I should be more cool than that, be (pretend I am) all laid back. It’s probably better marketing strategy to tell you something different, something like:

Of course I yawned when I got Miss Ortega’s note and then swirled the cognac in my huge crystal snifter while saying something delightfully droll to the two enormous Irish Wolfhounds reclining loyally at the foot of my over-stuffed leather throne chair. Then I laughed, “Hah-hah,” in that throaty way fancy highbrow artists do when sitting before a crackling fire and enjoying the lofty airs of being too cool to get excited about this stuff anymore.

If I were trying to cultivate my authorial coolness factor, I would say that. However, I am not there yet, so I still love this stuff, and I’m still stoked to have an artist of Cris Ortega’s caliber working on my book cover again!

Continue reading Galactic Mage Book Two – Cover Art Underway