The Galactic Mage

cover_only_webAltin Meade is a sorcerer with a curse. Seeking to avoid a looming doom, he sets his magical sights on the stars—a quest that will likely bring about the very consequence he’s seeking to escape.

Far across the galaxy, Ensign Orli Pewter of planet Earth has a looming doom of her own—one of loneliness, depression and, worse, a race of genocidal aliens known as “Hostiles” seeking to destroy humanity. Trapped aboard a spaceship she never asked to be upon, Orli is in a fight for both her life and her sanity.

Worlds apart, Altin and Orli share a destiny, but neither knows the other is alive. The Hostiles know. And they have other plans.


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2 thoughts on “The Galactic Mage”

  1. Really enjoy your books, Orli and Altin are wonderful lead characters to take us through the Cosmos and introduce us to new worlds.

    More Perne, Since I’ve read all the books from the beginning It’s been great to watch little Perne evolve into the “Ultimate Killing Machine” (Sorry, I don’t speak Elven), and you’ve given her a complex personality that will be fun to watch mature.

    1. Thanks William. She is very fun to write, and it’s a blast to spend time with her (so to speak). Glad you are enjoying the series so far. Thanks for taking the time to say so, too.

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