Dance of Destinies – TGM 5

Dance of Destinies – The Galactic Mage Series book five


The next chapter in the wildly popular Galactic Mage Series has arrived. The adventures of Altin, Orli, Roberto, Pernie and all the rest continue as sentient races from across the stars collide, coming together in a Dance of Destinies.

Pernie Grayborn continues her march toward becoming an assassin and the instrument of the elves. But that process forces her onto another world, one where she is the alien. Worse, the distance threatens to destroy her chance of realizing her heart’s true desire: the death of Orli Pewter and, with it, the chance to marry Sir Altin Meade.

But fate may be helping her with that.

Altin and Orli are in trouble. The newlyweds are trapped on an alien spacecraft in which the laws of nature seemed to have abandoned them—and the laws of magic, too! If they can’t escape on their own, it will be up to Roberto and the purple-corseted crew of the Glistening Lady to attempt a rescue. But what can the stalwart Spaniard and a handful of hot chicks do against spaceships that are thirty miles long?

Besides, Roberto has problems of his own. The War Queen has drafted him to do her inter-planetary dirty work, and he finds himself immersed in a universe where the lust for power is rampant and underworld villains plot against seemingly everyone. Greed spans an entire galaxy.

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7 thoughts on “Dance of Destinies – TGM 5”

  1. I love this series and have both physical and audios of this series and I would like to know if there is any set date for the audio of “Dance of Destinies”.

  2. I would ask the same question as Lance and Gregory. I had read all of your books some time ago. The audio version makes them feel fresh and new.

    1. Eventually. Book 6 is now over 1200 pages and might need to become 2 books. We were waiting for 6 to be done before doing the audio, to get them all done at once. Might have to reevaluate that.

      1. Just finished the fourth book in audio format and I’m so hooked I ordered Dance of Destinies in paperback today. David Bodtcher does an outstanding job, this series had me seeking out his other voice acting work. Thank you Sir Daulton, for this perfect blend of fantasy and sci fi. I honestly cannot stop talking about these books. I’ve added you to my all time favorite authors. Looking forward to the future of this series!!!
        PS: For anyone interested in other great sci fi+fantasy mashups, I recommend Jim Butcher (Dresden Files series) as well as Lindsay Buroker (Dragon Blood series and Fallen Empire series). Thanks again.

        1. Hey Jordan. I’m glad you are enjoying the story so far. I’ve been distracted by a few things last couple of years, one of which is the novel my editor has right now (non in the TGM series, called Something After All, but it was something I just wanted to write so bad I had to). So, back at edits on book 6 as soon as I get Something After All out, which will hopefully be around Oct or November. Maybe sooner, but I doubt it. And I’m totally with you on Lindsay Buroker. She’s fantastic. I haven’t read Dresden Files yet, but you’re about the tenth person whose told me to, so I reckon I need to get at that. Thanks for your support.

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