Galactic Mage – What’s Next?

by | Jan 2, 2022 | Blog | 2 comments

So barely 10 days past the release of book 6, Alien Outcomes, and I’m already getting asked when’s the next one coming. I’m over here like, “The last one was over 700 pages long, gimme some time!” lol.

Basically, my idea is that people read the prequels next. The first prequel is already out: Ilbei Spadebreaker and the Harpy’s Wild. That story, and the two that follow (both are outlined already), provide some context for the main series, and some set up for the final main series trilogy (which will be books 7-9, also all outlined already).

So, if you’re here looking for news: yes, more books are coming. Technically the original story arc as I outlined it all ten years ago is complete. But as with any story, unless the universe implodes and time comes to a stop, there is always more. Just as there was more that happened before the story began. Both ends of the Galactic Mage Series are going to expand, before and after.

So, if you’ve finished the first six, go grab the first Spadebreaker book. I’m working on the rest. I don’t have a timeline for release because, well, I have another book I’m in semi-final edits with (possibly the start to a new series), plus wrapping up Dance of Destinies on audio, then on to Alien Outcomes audio.

How to Get More Galactic Mage Books Faster

If you really want to help speed things up, write nice positive reviews for all of the books in the series and tell your friends to read them and do the same. The biggest impediment to getting these books written and out to you is that I have to write in my free time after my day job. Writing is not the financial windfall many people believe it to be, unless you can hit something huge like Harry Potter or The Wheel of Time.

You want more books faster, tell a friend. I need your help to expand the audience, and I suck at social media. I’m too stodgy and selfish to do it right. I want to care about everyone’s babies and puppies, but in reality, I don’t expect anyone to care about my babies and puppies either. I mean, sure, they’re cute, but … so what? That’s why my wife is the nicest thing about me. But I’d quit my day job tomorrow and write all day if I could afford to pay the rent by books alone.

Spadebreaker book 1 on Amazon is HERE


  1. Clifford

    Kinda getting snapped, eh?
    Social Media sucks but I’ve seen writers like JK Rowling use it and even the Webtoon artists were present there. And don’t go lookin’ at NFTs.

    • John

      I thought about doing cover art NFTs, but, like everything else outside of just writing stories, I don’t care. I don’t care about money (which is not the same as not liking money, because I love money), and I am too lazy and old to keep up with every new technological “next thing.” So, I’ll just keep writing at the pace I can keep writing and the universe will do whatever it chooses to do with me.