The Galactic Mage - book 1 of the series (stand alone story, but opens the first trilogy for those who don't want to leave this universe.)

Science-Fiction meets Fantasy. The right way.

Rift in the Races – book 2 in The Galactic Mage Series (first trilogy)

The story begins in earnest now! 

 Hostiles – book 3 The Galactic Mage series (the climactic end of first trilogy)

Hostiles – if you love a good fight, this book is for you.


LATEST RELEASE: Book 6 is finally here!

The Galactic Mage – Book 1

Rift in the Races – Book 2

Hostiles – Book 3

Alien Arrivals – Book 4

What’s John Working On Now?


Galactic Mage – What’s Next?

Galactic Mage – What’s Next?

So barely 10 days past the release of book 6, Alien Outcomes, and I'm already getting asked when's the next one coming. I'm over here like, "The...

Corona Virus – Life on LOCKDOWN

Corona Virus – Life on LOCKDOWN

March 18, 2020, Wednesday – Day 1 of lock down Well, they told us to go work from home. So, here I am. At home. I supposed technically I’m not...