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Galactic Mage – What’s Next?

So barely 10 days past the release of book 6, Alien Outcomes, and I’m already getting asked when’s the next one coming. I’m over here like, “The last one was over 700 pages long, gimme some time!” lol.

Basically, my idea is that people read the prequels next. The first prequel is already out: Ilbei Spadebreaker and the Harpy’s Wild. That story, and the two that follow (both are outlined already), provide some context for the main series, and some set up for the final main series trilogy (which will be books 7-9, also all outlined already).

So, if you’re here looking for news: yes, more books are coming. Technically the original story arc as I outlined it all ten years ago is complete. But as with any story, unless the universe implodes and time comes to a stop, there is always more. Just as there was more that happened before the story began. Both ends of the Galactic Mage Series are going to expand, before and after.

So, if you’ve finished the first six, go grab the first Spadebreaker book. I’m working on the rest. I don’t have a timeline for release because, well, I have another book I’m in semi-final edits with (possibly the start to a new series), plus wrapping up Dance of Destinies on audio, then on to Alien Outcomes audio.

How to Get More Galactic Mage Books Faster

If you really want to help speed things up, write nice positive reviews for all of the books in the series and tell your friends to read them and do the same. The biggest impediment to getting these books written and out to you is that I have to write in my free time after my day job. Writing is not the financial windfall many people believe it to be, unless you can hit something huge like Harry Potter or The Wheel of Time.

You want more books faster, tell a friend. I need your help to expand the audience, and I suck at social media. I’m too stodgy and selfish to do it right. I want to care about everyone’s babies and puppies, but in reality, I don’t expect anyone to care about my babies and puppies either. I mean, sure, they’re cute, but … so what? That’s why my wife is the nicest thing about me. But I’d quit my day job tomorrow and write all day if I could afford to pay the rent by books alone.

Spadebreaker book 1 on Amazon is HERE

Something After All – Rare John Daulton podcast appearance

Well I pretty much figure I have a face for prose, so I keep it that way most of the time. But the COVID19 thing has gotten everyone used to doing video chat and all that rot, so I have gotten more comfortable with that sort of thing too. Not much, but a little.

Aya Katz who is a publisher, author, and primatologist (it’s most like this last interest that got her interested in interviewing me), does a podcast with co-host Julia Hanna, and they invited me to talk about my latest novel, Something After All.

SPOILER ALERT… there are definite spoilers so DO NOT watch if you haven’t read it yet and don’t want the surprises ruined.

SPOILER ALERT – Aya Katz and Julia Hanna interview author John Daulton about his novel Something After All: An American Story in the Disinformation Age

Corona Virus – Life on LOCKDOWN

March 18, 2020, Wednesday – Day 1 of lock down

Well, they told us to go work from home. So, here I am. At home. I supposed technically I’m not working since I’m writing this, but, I mean, I just thought as a writer I should capture the spirit of this thing. So far, so good.

March 19, 2020, Thursday – Day 2 of lock down

I don’t know why people are making such a big deal out of it. Stay home if you can. Yeah, maybe your odds are low of catching it, or of dying if you do catch it, depending on your age, etc. Just stay home.

I’m actually taking advantage of this time to clean out my den. It’s trashed. I’d take a picture but it’s too embarrassing. So, I’m technically getting paid by my company to clean my house. Lol

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Cover: John Daulton – Something After All

My new novel will be out in the next few days. I thought it would be fun to release the cover early as a teaser, and also as a shout out to Keith at Keith Draws Cover Art, who did it for me. I’m so happy with how it came out.

Keith Draws – cover artist – fantasy, science fiction, novels, games, graphic novel art.

If you just want to see my new cover, scroll to the bottom, or go to the main book page HERE, otherwise, here is how it came about:

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Misogyny in Video Games: I Went Undercover in Cyber Drag

To begin, if you just want to get to the experiment and data, and aren’t interested in my humanist bloviating, just skip down to the pictures and you’ll get the gist of it. If you are interested in one moron’s human perspective, then read on and let me set this experience up, all my flawed emotions included.

So … if you are still up here at the top:

I didn’t start out to do “a thing” on the #MeToo movement. I had no plan. I simply started noticing something I’d always noticed before, but never really thought about in a #MeToo context. In short, I noticed how shitty dudes who play video games treat chicks who play them. I always knew it, but I confess it just seemed “normal” due to its absolute and total ubiquity. I figured chicks must be so used to it they just blew it off. Which they do, for the most part. Except, not exactly. That was the revelation. The “not exactly” part. Continue reading Misogyny in Video Games: I Went Undercover in Cyber Drag

How My Fitbit Diet Actually Made Me Take LESS Steps per Day

So everyone is all into this goddamn Fitbit crap. And my fat ass, being fat, obviously was a prime target for Fitbit pimps to try to get me to get on board with this step shit. And I mean, I can stand to drop a few lbs anyway, so whatever.

My damn wife got me one of those insipid watches—just like every other health-cult following moron at my work has, not to mention all the suckers on Facebook and apparently the entire world as well.

Fine. I have one too. Happy now? Continue reading How My Fitbit Diet Actually Made Me Take LESS Steps per Day

A Bug Named Sisyphus

An earwig got into our bathtub somehow. It’s a guest room tub, hardly ever used, and I think they crawl up a drain pipe or something. There are often little spiders or other small insects that get into it. They seldom can get out though, for the sides of the tub are smooth plastic.

So I was watching this earwig trying to climb up the end of the tub. The sides and front part, where the faucet and drain are, are pretty much vertical, but the end of the tub has at least a theoretically assailable degree of slope. So here’s this earwig trying to get up that slope, all its little bug legs scrambling, its length twisting side to side as it tries to snake its way up. But, nope. Slides right back down every time. Continue reading A Bug Named Sisyphus

Fat Profiling and the Deconstruction of White Male Privilege

So I got fat profiled today at the gym. That was awesome. Not really. Could have gone forever without that happening. Pissed me off, honestly, but I’m trying to move past it. It’s just that it’s kind of messing with me.

Profiling is supposed to be for other people. Not me. I’m white, male, and heterosexual. I am supposed to have more white privilege than anyone. Modern media has preached endlessly for two decades that my assigned role in modern society is to be the most reviled demographic but also the most privileged. Which means no profiling. Of any kind. Ever. It’s like a rule.

And yet, I have now been profiled anyway. I was fat profiled.

I was like, WTF? Where is my immunity? Continue reading Fat Profiling and the Deconstruction of White Male Privilege

Who Looks Over the Wall? Seriously. We Need a New 2nd Amendment.

I hate to start a blog post with profanity, but, seriously, who the fuck looks over the wall? Like, everyone knows you don’t do that. Everyone. As in, literally every person on the planet knows this. But it happened anyway. To me. Today.

So, to catch you up, here’s what happened:

I’m at work. It’s about an hour in, plus with an hour’s drive to get there (thanks to the awesome new move my company did that they didn’t ask my two cents about). So, yeah, two hours since I woke up, had a drive, did some work, and quaffed a Pepsi—no I don’t drink coffee, but do appreciate caffeine—and it’s still only 7:17 a.m.

So there I am, in need of my, erm, morning constitutional. Peristalsis doing its magic in my bowels, etc., and, like all regular and predictable processes in the universe, like sun rises and carbon half-life, and all those things in nature which can be counted on and predictable, it was time for me to drop a deuce. Continue reading Who Looks Over the Wall? Seriously. We Need a New 2nd Amendment.

Finally, a Fitness App That Works for My Fat Ass!!!!!

So I saw this fitness app on the news the other day. They had done a study on a bunch of them and were running down the top five finishers. My Fitness Pal was the winner, best of the lot. Numero uno. There were four other top-notch ones—all great for different features and reasons—but I drink a lot and the only thing shorter than my memory is my attention span. So My Fitness Pal is the one I got.

I’m going to be honest. I thought the whole thing was going to be bullshit. “Hey, give us access to all your phone data and fat data, and we’ll spam you with ads.” But, whatever. It was on the news, and my ponderous ass needs to drop some LBS, yo.

So let me tell you: this thing is fantastic! Continue reading Finally, a Fitness App That Works for My Fat Ass!!!!!