Alien Arrivals

Alien Arrivals – Book 4 of the Galactic Mage Series.

AA_cover_only_webThe populations on several worlds have discovered themselves to be but part of a galaxy filled with other sentients. Book 4 of the Galactic Mage Series begins a new phase of existence for the people of those worlds, and it follows the lives of Altin and Orli, Roberto, Queen Karroll, Blue Fire, Shadesbreath, and of course, Pernie, as they begin to discover what roles they have in the redefined universe.

Other familiar characters also appear, including the return of Black Sander and the ever-malignant marchioness. Their motives and machinations become increasingly clear, and their ambition, patience and cunning will be put in pursuit of greater power and influence. It’s a “new world” in the wide, wide galaxy, and the opportunities are endless … for everyone.

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11 thoughts on “Alien Arrivals”

    1. There’s not much time skipped. It takes off essentially where Hostiles leaves off. I have to leave it a little ambiguous from there, but, yeah, no big time jumps.

  1. I’m just about to finish off Hostiles. I’m loving it and getting quite excited to jump right into Alien Arrivals. I haven’t been able to put the books down since I began reading them.

    1. I’m glad Hostiles works for you. Alien Arrivals is up and ready for Kindle and Nook. Paperback is taking longer, but should be live in the next day or two as well.

      Thanks for your support of the series!

  2. Hey what’s up everyone. Man, I’m so glad I found these novels. They should be way more popular imo. I’m an avid sci-fi junkie and I love fantasy as well but sci-fi is my calling. I only listen to audiobooks these days and holy crap if you haven’t listened to them give them a try…a real treat.

    I just learned book 4 came out…grrr, I’m sub’d to the newsletter now so I wont be missing anything else hopefully.

    Anywho, I’m curious when the audiobook is coming out? I didn’t follow the progress on your earlier novels so I have no idea what the schedules like.

    But ya, I’ve been FANTASIZING over novels like these my whole life…I always wondered why someone didn’t combine the genres. My life is eternally enriched thanks to you good sir and I’m almost literally frothing at the mouth for the 4th audiobook lol.

  3. oh I just had to add one more thing sorry lol. Thank you for calling them mages and not wizards…I feel like no one knows the difference…when I think of mages, I think of bad ass magic wielders but when I think of wizards I think of Harry Potter craptastic lameness.

    So thanks again for that

  4. Hi Ryan. Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. I’m right there with you on having spent a lot of my life wanting the two genres to come together. I actually first envisioned this series in the 80’s. I wrote a version of the first book back in the early 90s, but I couldn’t get any traction with it and let it sit for a while, then finally decided to rewrite it. The rest is history, as they say.

    I wish I had a solid answer for you on the audiobook for Alien Arrivals, but I’m not sure exactly when production for the second trilogy will start. I can tell you that for the first trilogy in the series, I had them all written before getting all the audio books out. I might try to get going sooner on it, but truth be told, my brain can only handle so much at one time, and I need to keep moving forward in this second trilogy and get it all down on paper first so I don’t confuse myself. I’m something of a scatter brain, really.

    1. Hey john, I am deeply in love with your series and i was just hoping for a quick update on the audiobook for book 4. i too am frothing at the mouth for the next book in audio format. total junky for my audiobooks.

      1. Hey Thomas,

        Glad you are enjoying the series, and thanks for the feedback. We are working on finishing up Alien Arrivals now. I’m expecting the first audio-draft back from David Bodtcher on December 11th or so, and then it will take a few weeks to get it edited and finalized. Hard to control time exactly, but end of January is a reasonable (if tentative) expectation. It’s definitely well underway.

        Thanks for your support!

        1. Hey John,

          I was just wondering again on an estimation on the audio formats for book 4 and 5 if you don’t mind. 🙂

          1. Hi Thomas. Book 4 is out now, just out a few days ago. You can find it on the Amazon link or go straight to here:

            Book 5 is underway, but David Bodtcher is working on a movie right now, so he’s got to finish that up first. Depending on how long that goes, 6 might be ready for him too, at which point, might release them together. Being realistic, Dance of Destinies audio will be at least 8 or 9 months out, and possibly longer. Audio is very labor intensive, so takes time. But Alien Arrivals is ready! Thanks for asking.

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