Chat GPT – Using AI to Write Your Blogs and Social Media Marketing

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Writers Corner | 4 comments

I’ve been playing with ChaptGPT for a while and I decided to share what I’ve figured out so far. Rather than make a big long-winded blog post about it, I made a super-basic screen capture video showing just how easy it is to use AI to generate blog posts, and to generate social media content. You can get way ahead of your marketing with ChatGPT to promote your books because it writes quickly, spells and punctuates properly, and has a vast knowledge-base to pull from.

It’s not plagiarism because it’s not copied from anywhere, although it is copied from everywhere in a sense. However, your prompt is what drives it, so your ideas are the basis of what it writes, and you’ll see in my video that I’m using text I wrote to extract shorter bits of content that I can then use on social media etc.

Anyway, this post is meant for my writer friends and any of my friends with automotive or any other businesses who struggle with being consistent in marketing and/or with the cost of freelance (yes, I know, I am expensive. You can use me for hard stuff, and do some of the easy stuff this way if you want … this is too good not to share).

So without further adieu, here’s an 11 minute video showing exactly what I’ve done so far. And for you novelists out there, don’t let the auto-themed image on the video freak you out, I just included an example from that blog in addition to my book stuff.


  1. Suzy Stewart Dubot

    Thank you so much for that, John. I’m gobsmacked!
    When it comes to promoting myself, I suck. I’m going to take the time today to feel my way around this.
    It’s got me all excited!
    You did a good job explaining.

    • John

      That’s great! I hoped this would help at least someone, so I’m delighted. Have fun!

  2. Candace Khanna

    Amazing, John! You have me brainstorming other uses, as well. Thanks for the demo.

    • John

      Glad you found it useful. The possibilities are enormous (for abuse too, sadly). But I figure might as well adapt to the new technology for good so that it’s not just exploiters, scammers, and that lot using the tools.