I started Daulton Books as a Web platform to showcase my original works, which include the number-one Amazon best-selling science fiction/fantasy epic The Galactic Mage and its best-selling sequels Rift in the Races, Hostiles, Alien Arrivals, Dance of Destinies, and Alien Outcomes. In addition, I’ve got the first of a prequel series out in Ilbei Spadebreaker and the Harpy’s Wild, as well releasing a contemporary fiction novel Something After All in January of 2020 (which turned out to be shockingly timed, borderline prophetic even, given how Covid came along only a month or so later, and how it played out and continues to play out now. It’s like I tried to tell you! I’m still trying, lol), and novella titled Auction Yard.

I’m currently working on a massive space opera epic Star Cluster 66, which is a 1000 page odyssey into the universe, deploying boundless bawdy comedy, high sarcasm, and poignant human honesty in a world divided by politics and warring philosophy. It’s a book meant to hold a mirror up for us all, while allowing us all to laugh at ourselves and forgive those with whom we have been taught that we must so endlessly and so vehemently dissagree.

Mostly, my writing is driven by my love of story telling, mainly to entertain and to help people laugh and escape, but I also hopes to inspire something more from time to time, for those who care to look beyond the vast world building, charming characters, and complexly escapist plots I work so hard to make.

I’d like my work to have some value for people, for it to be uplifting or do at least some small bit of good. While this last is often associated in certain circles as the realm of only “real” fiction, or “literary” fiction, I believe genre fiction has the same opportunity to be genuine that “real” fiction does. Magic and spaceships do not preclude depth or mandate sentimentality, and I would argue they enable candor, which, especially in modern times, is not welcome everywhere. I can certainly rattle off a long list of science fiction writers who have helped to shape modern society, although I will not name them here for being unworthy of having such greatness associated with my humble work.

I began writing as a child, fascinated by the life and creatures that surrounded me on my family’s cattle ranch. The ranch was (and still is) a place of beauty, abundant with life and essential elements of earth. It was also a crossroads for culture and diversity, imbuing me with a fixation on character as it manifested in the variety of people who flowed in and out of my experience, the ghostly echoes of many of them continue to visit my characters regularly.

Beyond that, I’ve got over two decades in sales and marketing adding to my appreciation of humanity and my respect for the need for careful, respectful rhetoric. What you say, and how you say it matter, especially if we are to have any hope of persuading anyone to hear what we all would like to say. Adding to that skillset, I’ve got both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English, focused on creative writing, acquired in my 30s and 40s as I decided I needed to develop my craft (and because in my late teens and early twenties, I was way to devoted to partying and chasing girls! (You should read Star Cluster 66 lol).

I’m married, with three grown children and four grandchildren, to whom I write letters on parchment, with my terrible drawings (the style of which you can see on my blogs), and each letter is sealed with wax and stamped with a dragon stamp exactly as you would expect a fantasy writer to do. I intend to keep writing, in its many forms, until I am too old and crotchety to carry it off.

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