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Hostiles Update for February 27 and a Few Other Tidbits

Hostiles Update
Hostiles, book 3 of The Galactic Mage series, began its Version 3.0 phase on Monday. My last Beta reader has been in one of those hectic life places lately, so I’ve decided not to wait given that everyone else finished up nearly two weeks ago. I think I have everything I need now, plus I’ve had almost a month away from the project to think about it, thinking ahead to the next part of the series, which I’ve given the working title of the Tidalwrath Trilogy. Continue reading Hostiles Update for February 27 and a Few Other Tidbits

The Galactic Mage Series: What’s Next and When?

Me with my nose to grindstone on Hostiles, book 3 of The Galactic Mage Series.

With the successful launch of the second book in the series, Rift in the Races, and book three, Hostiles, coming out later this year, I thought I’d take a moment to share what I envision for the series as it moves forward, and what my plans are around and beyond it. Rest assured, I won’t be sitting around idly in 2013, and I will have my nose firmly to the grindstone of productivity. Continue reading The Galactic Mage Series: What’s Next and When?

Dude You Suck at Updating Your Blog

Yes, I know, I suck at updating my blog lately. I do. I’ve been a shameful sort of blogger the last month and a half, but I defend myself by pointing out that the only reason anyone ever strolls by my blog is to find out about my books or to be amused by some very low-quality drawings of myself doing something absurd or embarrassing. The latter is down a few paragraphs, and for the former, I can say that the dip in blog production (and book review production) has come upon the rise of book production instead. As evidence, I present the fact that, while my editor, Joyce, has been scouring the pages of Rift in the Races, freeing it from as many typos and grammatical ineptitudes as possible, I have been furiously working on the third book of the series, which will be titled Hostiles. And guess what… it’s almost done, at least the first draft is. Continue reading Dude You Suck at Updating Your Blog

It’s Book Blurb Time Again

A few long-time readers will remember back to when the first book, The Galactic Mage, was in progress, back when I was still using the old Blogspot blog. At one point, I had to write the book blurb for the back of the print edition (and for the description on Amazon). Well guess what, it’s that time again now for Rift in the Races.

So, for those intrepid helpers and critics out there, here’s what I have come up with after a few days working on it. Below is the latest version of the blurb. Let me know what you think, in specifics or generally. Please don’t be shy; trust me, I can take criticism. If you think your response will be too mean or too long for the comments here (or on Facebook), feel free to email them to me instead so you can keep your anonymity email to John@Daultonbooks.com or just via the Contact Us option on the website menu to the left. And again, don’t be shy. So, said, here it is: Continue reading It’s Book Blurb Time Again