It’s Book Blurb Time Again

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A few long-time readers will remember back to when the first book, The Galactic Mage, was in progress, back when I was still using the old Blogspot blog. At one point, I had to write the book blurb for the back of the print edition (and for the description on Amazon). Well guess what, it’s that time again now for Rift in the Races.

So, for those intrepid helpers and critics out there, here’s what I have come up with after a few days working on it. Below is the latest version of the blurb. Let me know what you think, in specifics or generally. Please don’t be shy; trust me, I can take criticism. If you think your response will be too mean or too long for the comments here (or on Facebook), feel free to email them to me instead so you can keep your anonymity email to or just via the Contact Us option on the website menu to the left. And again, don’t be shy. So, said, here it is:

Rift in the Races – Back Cover Blurb #1

Rift in the Races is the sequel to the widely popular novel The Galactic Mage. It follows the continuing story of the powerful Prosperion sorcerer Altin Meade and the feisty Earth-fleet officer Orli Pewter caught up in the fight against the mysterious aliens known as Hostiles.

Finding each other across the vastness of space was only the beginning for these two, and they soon discover that the Hostiles are not their only enemy. Threats on the medieval and magical world of Prosperion begin to surface as ancient rivalries and petty jealousies ignite following the arrival of the ships from Earth. Power and politics jeopardize the young lovers’ lives (and relationship) as much as the enormous Hostile orbs from across the galaxy.

What ensues is an action-packed, laser-blasting magic ride through space, orc raids, romance, political intrigue and alien aggression from which a dangerous truth will arise: when there are several planets and several races in the mix, deciding who the “aliens” are and what constitutes aggression can become a matter of perspective, brinkmanship and pride.


Rift in the Races – Back Cover Blurb #2  (added 6/29/2012)

Rift in the Races follows the continuing story of powerful Prosperion sorcerer Altin Meade and feisty Earth-fleet officer Orli Pewter in the fight against the mysterious alien Hostiles.

The Earth fleet is now moving to take advantage of its recent victory. With better combat strategies and Prosperion wizards only a blink away, the time has come to finish the job they set out to do: destroy the Hostile world. But complications arise.

Altin’s discovery of space-travelling humans from planet Earth has threatened ancient and foundational beliefs for the people of his world. The shockwaves from this revelation begin to unravel a long-standing but precariously made balance of power. With her eyes to the sky and all its galactic possibilities, Prosperion’s War Queen soon finds her realm on the brink of chaos.

Together, Altin and Orli must once again find a way to mediate the forces of pride, frustration and fear between their two peoples, or both worlds will be destroyed. What ensues is an action-packed, laser-blasting magic ride through space, orc raids, war, romance and conspiracy, a thrilling tale of alliances and alien hostility.

Sometimes “alien hostility” is a matter of perspective.


  1. Robert Massaioli

    Wow, posted the day before my birthday. At any rate I like the blurb, what it hints about the next story is exactly what I was hoping: “What happens when races collide?” With plenty of action and adventure by the sounds of it. Can’t wait for November. As for the blurb it is good; to the point and sounds like fun (not lame or corny, like many other novels). Maybe the “for these two” in the second paragraph, first sentence, is not required but other than that thumbs up.

    P.S. I have re-read The Galactic Mage atleast 10 times now; its still a good read.
    P.P.S. This was written on a tablet, thus the brevity and bad punctuation.
    P.P.P.S. Good work!

    • John

      Thanks for the feedback, Robert. Someone on Facebook and another in an email mentioned that “these two” thing being clunky, so, with you saying it, it pretty much confirms it. Been working on it over the last couple of days. We’ll see how it goes. These blurbs are tough.

      And that’s amazing about the ten times thing. That’s just so cool. Thanks.

      • Robert Massaioli

        No problems, I’m happy to provide feedback.

        I just wanted to add that I was very surprised to see that “when there are several planets and several races in the mix” was not a spoiler. It almost seems like the discovery of new races again would have been a good surprise for the book. However, I’m sure that it is probably not as much of a spoiler as I think.

        Oh and the artwork is very good. Whomever does that for you: keep them and send some congratulations their way.

        • John

          Oh, the artist’s name is Cris Ortega. She is mind-blowingly good. Wait till you see what’s she’s got for book two. OMG. I was just showing our pest control guy the cover art for book two and he plopped down into the chair and spent almost ten minutes looking through it all.

          As for the spoiler thing, I think that’s a good point. I figure, though, that since readers already know about Earth, the Hostiles, and Prosperion (which has humans, elves and orcs anyway), that the line you quoted ought not to be too much a give away. That’s the real trick of the blurb. I didn’t even know if I should say that Altin and Orli came together, since that’s kind of a spoiler for book one. But then, they’re together on the cover of book one… so… well, I guess you can kind of see the wrestling match that goes on when trying to do this stuff. To be honest, I much, much, much, much prefer writing stories than having to decide on these blurbs. It has to be compelling, but not too much. What does that even mean? lol.

          Anyway, thanks again for your feedback. 🙂

          [edit] I added a new version up above if you get time to take a peak and compare/contrast/comment.

          • Robert Massaioli

            Good points all. And the new blurb reads very well indeed. There is absolutely nothing that I would change about it. And thanks for the Chris Ortega link. His work is very good indeed. Sorry this is a quick comment but I am still in a rush. I promise that I am actually reading your posts and I have subscribed to your newsletter! Woo hoo!

  2. John

    Thanks, Robert. 🙂