The Galactic Mage Series: What’s Next and When?

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Blog | 8 comments

With the successful launch of the second book in the series, Rift in the Races, and book three, Hostiles, coming out later this year, I thought I’d take a moment to share what I envision for the series as it moves forward, and what my plans are around and beyond it. Rest assured, I won’t be sitting around idly in 2013, and I will have my nose firmly to the grindstone of productivity.

I will begin this, however, by saying what I’m about to write is the concept, the plan, but not anything written in stone. While thus far, my outlines have stayed on course pretty well, what follows is simply a very likely scenario. I definitely want to leave myself wiggle room in what I put down here, so this information should be taken for what it is, a general summary of intent. Here is what I have in mind:

The Galactic Mage Series will be made up of three trilogies. The first trilogy is The Galactic Mage trilogy (yes, I have The Galactic Mage Series, with The Galactic Mage trilogy opening it and in which resides the first book, The Galactic Mage—it is so because it amuses me). The second trilogy will be the Tidalwrath trilogy, although that is a working title, and may change. The third trilogy has the working title of Pernie’s Song.

After that, assuming I don’t get hit by a train or some other event or twist of fate prevents me from doing so, I have ideas for other stories I’d like to write in the world within the books. I may come up with something for a fourth trilogy as I write through the next six books, but for now, I’ve only got the next two trilogies mapped to any degree of detail. Everything else is in concept notes only. I think I’d really enjoy doing a prequel, particularly a prequel (or trilogy) written around the character of Ilbei Spadebreaker, whom I really enjoy writing. I think spending some time with him before the complications of the Earth fleet arrival would be fun. These stories would be pure fantasy, no science fiction, and I could play with some of the profanities and axioms of Prosperion and give them some tangible “reality.”

Beyond that, I will have to see. I’m sure there are some “adventures of Citadel” type stories I could write, but if I’m being honest, I don’t have the next six books so tightly outlined that I can be sure Citadel won’t have been destroyed or subsumed by some cosmic something or other. Or the universe could have ended. Or something else. So, all I have for now is that as an idea.

More immediately, the third book of the first trilogy, Hostiles, is well in the works. I’ve already written the first draft of it and will be revising it for the next few months (I will begin in earnest on that tomorrow). I have the core concepts outlined for the Tidalwrath and Pernie’s Song trilogies, and will be adding flesh to those along the way as I revise Hostiles. Cris Ortega has agreed to work on the cover for Hostiles, and we will be working on concepts and layout starting sometime in the next few weeks.

Additionally, I have a non-series book, a contemporary fiction novel called A Fish Story that I will put the last revisions on while Hostiles is with my editor. Hopefully it will be out shortly after Hostiles is released this summer. I’d like to get A Fish Story out by September or October if possible.

Depending on what happens over the course of this year, I might even put together a box set of the opening trilogy of TGM Series, or at least an “omnibus” edition for Kindle and Nook. I’d also really like to get audio book versions made, but they are really expensive to get done well. So, we’ll see. All of that depends on a lot of things happening first.

Bottom line is, my work is cut out for me this year. Hopefully Rift in the Races will have a good run and the series will continue to sell well enough that I can keep going on this insane, wonderful ride writing full time. I realize it’s pretty crazy to put all my financial eggs in the one basket of this series, but if you don’t chase your dreams for real, then that’s all they’ll ever be, dreams.


  1. Robert Massaioli

    This is going to be epic and completely awesome. A nine part series. I like this already. And, after just having finished reading Rift in the Races, where I was completely immersed and where a new shock happened every minute I must say that I think you can make the nine books happen.

    And as for Rift in the Races itself, well I can honestly say that there were many parts of the book that I never saw coming. Not only that but each and every character is so believable and each with their own distinct personalities. I still need to digest it all, so much happened and so much shit hit the fan so to speak. And the cliffhanger right at the end there…I don’t want to say anything more. No spoilers. But “truth that is not truth” to be sure.

    I cannot wait until Hostiles now, it is going to be amazing. Wait for my Amazon review for more of my thoughts that will come in a little while.

    Btw, the cat makes the images work so well. I love the images.

    …honestly, give me a release date for Hostiles 😛 RitR was such a good book.

    • John

      Robert, I love you, dude. lol. If this thing ever somehow becomes a movie, I’m flying your ass in to the premier.

      Hostiles date. Here’s the thing. As YOU know, having followed along all along, the end of the process falls out of my hands. I have to wait for Joyce to do her editing thing, and Fernando to do his technology thing, plus beta reader time early on and proofreader time at the end before Fernando gets it. So, there’s a lot of time I can’t control. Like I said up above, it is “technically possible” to be done and out in May. Realistically, June is more reasonable. If bad stuff happens and slows me down, well, then July or August. I can’t imagine any scenarios beyond those I am unwilling to even entertain that would make it later than August. I’m shooting for May, but will be happy with June.

      And the cat is actually based on one of our cats, Slayer. He’s the first cat out of 25 years worth of cats we’ve had that actually likes me. He comes in and checks out what I’m up to when I’m writing. He’s weird and pulls stuff out of the garbage can and just generally knocks stuff over or whatever, but I like him, so, I don’t care if he does. That’s why he gets into the drawings.

      • Robert Massaioli

        You, my friend, have yourself a DEAL! If there is a movie premier for this series I am there! I actually think that this could make for a good movie actually because it is highly fast paced, has many action scenes and, most importantly, does not have too many moments that occur inside the characters heads.

        And as for the release date, I do know and understand, and June is a great date, if it comes out in June that would be half the wait of last time so I am completely happy with that. After all, Things Take Time (

        Sounds like an awesome cat; he is certainly worthy of the drawings. I wish my cat were half as good. I’m pretty sure that she considers us to be food dispensers and sees no purpose to us otherwise.

        And I really cannot wait till Hostiles, so many unresolved questions. Then again I like that you answered so many questions in this one too. I really cannot write another word without writing spoilers so I’ll stop here. Keep up the great writing!

        • John

          That poem is spot on. T.T.T. However, you are right this wait shouldn’t be half so long. And, if I’m being honest, and knowing it could change with the next page I read, this draft is cleaner. I had to rework lots of stuff at the beginning of Rift because that transition, and dealing with the missing ten months was tough to carry off. So hopefully it will go much smoother and, therefore, quickly.

          Thanks again for your awesome support; buying, reading and reviewing stuff; and even for noticing these silly drawings. You, sir, kick ass, and you really know how to keep an artist motivated.

  2. Rob

    Just wanted to stop by and say that this is a great series. I haven’t enjoyed reading a book this much in a long time. Your books are pure entertainment. They deliver a very rich and detailed experience without rambling on about the unimportant.
    I don’t want to spoil this for anyone, but what a cliffhanger! I ran full steam ahead at that cliff and went right over. Right now I’m clinging to the edge with fingertips as I scramble to hang on and wait for book 3!
    I can’t wait till June, what do I have to do to become a beta reader?

    • John

      Rob, thanks so much for taking time to come let me know you’re enjoying the books. It’s awesome to get feedback on your work (obviously more awesome if it’s positive feedback, heh heh). So, much appreciated.

      In answer to your question about Beta Readers, I don’t actually know. Up till now, I’ve had family and close friends doing it, but I’ve had a few others ask, as you have about that. I need to figure out how to get more than 5 ARC copies is what I need to do, because that’s what I get. I think a big house deal would help on that front. I am looking into it though, because as awesome as my family and friends are, I think having readers who aren’t related might actually catch more stuff, especially as the series goes longer. I’ll need super detail-oriented series fans types who will notice everything… HAY, ENVETTE HAD RED HAIR NOT BROWN! Stuff that can start to slip away five and nine books down the line.

      • Rob

        I’m not oposed to buying the book, I just want it sooner! lol

        • John

          Hah, I hear ya. It’s getting there.