The Galactic Mage – Coming January 15, 2012

by | Jan 8, 2012 | Blog | 2 comments

So, I’m pretty damn excited. It’s ONE week from today that the book will come out. Finally this book will be launched and flying. I’ve got all the files set up, I’m waiting for them to clear, become available, … magically manifest in the time it takes for whatever happens behind the scenes to happen, and, then, come Sunday the 15th, it will be ON!

It will be up as a paperback and e-book on, and there is an e-book version for Nook readers too. (If you buy it, please consider leaving a review for me. You have no idea how valuable that is in the long term for an author. Doesn’t have to be long or eloquent, just there.)

Beyond all that, I have a video trailer that I can hardly bear to not release early, like as in, I want to put it up RIGHT NOW, but I am somehow managing to control myself. Mike, the guy at is a freak of nature when it comes to making videos. This video is so awesome it made my mom cry. I’m serious. Not from sadness, from sheer awesome. So, that’s a feather in his cap right there. Although, I’m not sure he should go around saying, “Hey, my videos are so good I can make your mom cry” and expect too many customers to sign up. Or, then again, maybe he should. Marketing is weird that way.

Anyway, this post is just a brief heads up so if folks happen along this way prior to the major launch of this site and the book, they’ll know what’s up.

If you’ve been following along all along, well, thanks so much for that. Your support and patience has meant a ton, and now that it’s finally coming out, you can take some satisfaction from knowing your energy contributed to the completion of the project.

Completion as far as getting it done, at least. Now it’s all about marketing and selling. Mostly that means making more content though. It’s what Seth Godin calls “front list” and “back list.” It’s also what a lot of bloggers who write about publishing e-books (like J.A. Konrath and Lindsay Buroker) are doing and crediting for helping them get readers and sales. And it’s what I am seeing just by paying attention to who is doing well. Not only indie authors, but brick-and-mortar names too. A quote I read recently went something like, “The more you have out, the more ways people have of finding you.” Makes sense.

I actually spent today editing a novella called “The Auction Yard.” I’ll be putting that out next. My daughter is taking a brief hiatus from working on the manga/graphic novel we’re co-producing, to do the cover, so that will be up fairly soon too (I’ll post the cover in the gallery when she’s done). It’s not sci-fi or fantasy, however, so as far as the point of having lots of content goes, I’m not sure mixed genre is as good as same genre. Still, readers are readers, so, we’ll see.

I guess that’s all I have for now. Look for the big announcement soon. You’ll know the book is out when you see me posting a video everywhere. I’m counting on the emotional momentum of the video to make people really want to click “BUY” right then and there. I’ve been in sales and marketing my entire adult life, and I can tell you with absolute confidence that, while lots of people want to buy stuff, the actual impetus to drop a credit card number and pay can be a bit harder to come by. So, hopefully the uberness of the video will motivate those folks out there who are on the fence to commit and check out my story.

From there, it’s all about luck. I believe in the story. We’ll see if others feel as I do, but in the end, it’s out of my control. The little bird will have left the nest. The cat out of the bag. The first penguin off the iceberg. Etc.


  1. Mike Garcia

    Are you kidding? That mother line is gold! GOLD Jerry! I can’t for you to release it either, been dying to show it around on Facebook and whatnot! Been a small part of the whole process is actually quite exciting and it’s not even my book..can’t even imagine what you’re going through haha.

  2. John

    It’s fun. Pretty crazy. Hard to focus on regular stuff lol. Need to get through the whir of activity so I can get back to writing. Book two needs to happen. The Rift in the Races. WOOT! 🙂