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Rift in the Races Progress Update: September

Rift in the Races is now with my editor, and I have begun working on the third book (so that the wait between book 2 and book 3 won’t be anywhere near as long as the time between 1 and 2). My editor says she can have it back to me in eight weeks, which, from the time I gave it to her, puts that around November 9th. I will be getting chunks of her suggestions back and working through them as she goes, so I can actually be done with her revisions at almost the same time she is done making them, or within a few days. So, in theory, I’ll have an edited copy of the manuscript done by let’s say November 12th or, just for reality’s sake, let’s call it the 15th. Continue reading Rift in the Races Progress Update: September

It’s Book Blurb Time Again

A few long-time readers will remember back to when the first book, The Galactic Mage, was in progress, back when I was still using the old Blogspot blog. At one point, I had to write the book blurb for the back of the print edition (and for the description on Amazon). Well guess what, it’s that time again now for Rift in the Races.

So, for those intrepid helpers and critics out there, here’s what I have come up with after a few days working on it. Below is the latest version of the blurb. Let me know what you think, in specifics or generally. Please don’t be shy; trust me, I can take criticism. If you think your response will be too mean or too long for the comments here (or on Facebook), feel free to email them to me instead so you can keep your anonymity email to John@Daultonbooks.com or just via the Contact Us option on the website menu to the left. And again, don’t be shy. So, said, here it is: Continue reading It’s Book Blurb Time Again

First Draft Done: Round One Revisions Underway

I got to type “The End” on the first draft of the second book in the Galactic Mage Series on Saturday. It felt great. Saturday was a pretty hardcore writing day, too, nearly 9,000 words in one sitting. I was on a tear and really wanted to get it finished, and now it is. (Happy dance!)

For anyone who wants to follow along on progress easily, I’ve added a page in the Bookstore (menu on left) for Rift in the Races too. I mostly put it there so that people who come to the site looking for the sequel can find info about it that doesn’t require slogging through my blog or finding info on Facebook, but it also makes a neat and tidy place to pop in for the short version updates. Continue reading First Draft Done: Round One Revisions Underway

Rift in the Races: Draft Progress and Cover Update for April

I took a little five day vacation break, and now that I’m back, I feel refreshed. After three months writing pretty much every day, it was nice to step away from the keyboard for a few days and go see what the sun looks like. I had no idea that thing was so bright. It turns out, it even has this strange warming effect when its rays strike your skin. These are the things we forget when we dwell constantly in the dark cave of our writing dens. (Which I love and am very glad to get back into… that sun is a hot thing and turns our pale flesh pink with its cosmic violence!). (Uh… why am I talking like Golem now?) So, anyway, now I’m back, and wanted to let everyone know where the draft is and where the cover art is as of the end of April. Continue reading Rift in the Races: Draft Progress and Cover Update for April