Rift in the Races Update and Video Book Trailer Revealed

by | Jan 3, 2013 | Blog | 8 comments

Well, after a whole year of working on this story, it’s finally ready. The final print files are in and approved, and Fernando is formatting them for Nook and Kindle as I type this. He says he should be done on Saturday, but who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be sooner. From there, I will upload them to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and check to make sure they work. If they do, then I’ll throw the switch and it becomes a matter of hours. They say approval can take up to 72 hours, and with the glut of new stuff coming out these days, that might be the case, where book one only took about six hours as I recall. But, that’s what we’re looking at.

I guess, just to point out it is possible for further delays, if for some reason the files don’t work properly, then they’ll have to be messed with until they do work. Hopefully that won’t be an issue, and last time there were no problems, so I’m keeping a positive outlook on that front.

I also said I’d release the book trailer video today, so in keeping with that promise, here it is. I’d like to thank Mike at MGNexus for his awesome work on this. And of course, I can’t pass up another opportunity to rave about how awesome Cris Ortega’s artwork is. She’s simply fabulous, as anyone with eyes can see. Anyway, enough preamble. Here it is:


  1. Robert Massaioli

    Woo! It’s almost here, like two days away! I am excited. And the trailer was nice, very dramatic. But honestly I am much more excited to just read the book. May the story continue.

    I will say nothing more until it is released in a few days.

    *attempting slightly more patience*

    Now waiting for the release blog post announcement.

    • John

      I can’t wait to be able to post it, Robert. Be glad to have this train out of the station.

  2. fred

    gahhh cant wait!
    been checking your blog at least once a week since I read Galactic Mage following the progress on Rift. Buying it tue second it’s released.

    • John

      I can hardly explain how happy I am to hear such things, Fred. You and Robert up there, plus my mom. I got three sales locked in! Just waiting on poor Fernando. He’s going to kill me if I don’t stop pestering him.

  3. Ryan

    Just bought it. Can’t wait to read it!

    • John

      Sweet! Thanks, Ryan. I appreciate you giving my story a shot. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  4. Jordan

    Been waiting for this, will be grabbing it in a few seconds.

    • John

      Awesome! Hope you like it. Thanks for the support.