Rift in the Races Now Available

by | Jan 5, 2013 | Blog | 12 comments

Rift in the Races Now Available

Well, all the parts are in place and its finally ready to go. The book is available for Kindle now (here’s the link right to it) and Nook (link here), and will be shortly for paperback on Amazon. Kindle updates pretty quickly, they said it would take 12 hours, and yet it’s already up. Nook says awhile too, and they did take a day and a half on “Auction Yard,” so you never know, but it was up within four hours. The paperback version is hard to say. They tell me it could take “5 to 7 business days” but for the first book they said that and it took about eight hours. I actually didn’t know that and didn’t even promote the dang book for a couple of days, and had all my “new release” marketing set for January 15 of last year, and the book was out by the 9th. Rather than do that again, I’ve decided to roll it out as it becomes available. So, there you have it, book one is up and running, even if some parts are running slightly sooner than others.

For your viewing enjoyment, here is the full artwork, since most readers go with Kindle and never get to see all of Cris Ortega’s amazing work.

Isn’t that awesome?

For everyone who was so super supportive along the way, thank you. I know some people are expecting an email notification when the book is out, and I will be sending one, but not until all three versions are available. So, if you happen to be seeing this blog entry and wondering where your email notice is, that will be arriving very soon. I didn’t forget.

I hope everyone enjoys this story. It’s 810 pages of science fiction and fantasy action and adventure. I’m very pleased with it. I like it even better than the first one. And don’t forget, if you do like it, TELL SOMEONE!!! And, if you have the time, consider writing your opinions, good or bad, on Amazon. Reviews help a lot (obviously good ones help more than bad ones, but I’m not going to tell you what you have to say either lol).

Thanks again, and remember, beware the coconuts!


  1. Robert Massaioli

    Holy Shit! It is here! Congratulations! It is out the door and I have bought it, and holy cow. It is more than a third bigger than the last book. Haha, best day of 2013.

    But I have a small problem, this is my last day of holidays, I can’t stay up all night reading it because I have work the next day. 🙁 I’ll just have to read it over the course of the next week and a book review will be coming when I do. Now to quickly start sharing this book release with my friends and and start reading it. Really it’s a shame that I have to go out today when there is such an awesome book waiting for me on my device.

    I can’t imagine how you feel right now. You must be beyond excited for the second release. A whole year has passed and now book two is out. Wow. Okay, enough thinking. I’m going to go read this piece of awesome. Brb when I finish the book.

    • John

      Hi Robert. Thanks a ton, I am very excited. And nervous. I sure hope people like it. I think they will, but time will tell.

      Speaking of which, no rush. You know, my main point of writing is to provide a place to go simply BE for a while. I believe there is lots of depth to the story, but for me the greatest joy is just having that nice experience. So, I’m super happy that you bought it and I would want most of all for you to read it at the best, most joyful pace for you. Because that’s the whole point, you know?

      Anyway, thanks for all your support this year. You’ve been awesome, and I really mean it when I say your energy has been helpful to the process. A year is a long time to go with no “pay day” so to speak, so you showing up and cheering me on has been very welcome. Thanks.

  2. Dave


    I just bought it but it will be a little while before I am able to read. Partly schedule, and partly because I’m looking forward to rereading the first book again!

    • John

      Awesome, thanks Dave. I’m grateful for your support and hope you enjoy it, no matter when you get to it. And it certainly won’t hurt to hit the first one again, that way you’ll have everyone’s name straight and all that, making the one story pour easily right into the next. I do that. In fact, I’m really looking forward to reading the whole WOT series again now that the last ones are done.

  3. Bookworm

    Damn…I had to read the ending first. It couldn’t have been more different then the first book. I can’t believe you’d do that to me…but you did. Now I can’t read the book until the 3rd comes out. I am so freaking pissed….I spent months scanning this site waiting for this…and now…ugh. I’m very disappointed.

    • John

      Well, Bookworm, that’s what you get for peeking, I suppose. 🙂 Although, I think if you read it now, you’ll be very satisfied with the journey and see how the ending works just right even knowing there’s another on the way. However, if you do wait, you won’t have to wait too long. I’m hoping for as early as a May release, but experience says I’ll probably be closer to July or August. I’m still gunning for May though. It’s already written, and it’s not 800 pages. It’s closer in length to the first one, longer, but still, closer to 600 pages than 800, that’s a lot less editing an revising etc. Either way, I do appreciate you following along and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I believe you will.

  4. Matthew

    Congrats on the release, starting to read now!

    • John

      Thanks for picking up a copy, Matthew. Hope you enjoy the story.

  5. PatM

    Excellent read, my only problem is the ending! How could you do it? Nw proceeding to bite nails for the next 6 months, oh the agony of waiting….I guess I now have something to look forward to. Once again, excellent read!

    • John

      Hi Pat. Yeah, I knew that ending was gonna do that. Muahahaha. I’m diving in hard on the third one, and hopefully it won’t be six months. It’s much shorter (only a bit longer than book 1 was), and it’s already written as a first draft, so, hopefully it will be quick. Plus, I learn a little with each one, so maybe I’ll be more efficient as I go.

      Thanks a ton for picking up a copy and reading it (holy cow you read fast!), and I just saw a review that might be yours, and if so, thank you so much. You can’t imagine how much that helps, not just for helping other readers decide to try, but on this whole other level of underlying algorithms and how Amazon decides whose book to list on what lists, who gets a mention in an email they send out, and all kinds of stuff. That is a great gift, and I really, really appreciate you taking the time. (And yes, I am watching that stuff like a hawk these first few days… I can’t help it. Going to drive my wife nuts. Pity her for the next few days lol).

  6. Paul

    Wow! Perfect timing I was desperate for a new book to read and I loved your first one and have been lurking/following your blog updates and I am so excited to see your second book released. I needed something to read and you delivered! I have loved the artwork as well its excellent. Since I do read on my Kindle thank you kindly for sharing the whole beautiful thing with us 🙂 I am looking forward to the 3rd one. Good luck and continue writing!

    Is there anything thoughts possibly of an Audible book eventually when you are finished or deep in the series?

    • John

      Paul, thank you for stopping by, and I’m so happy you are enjoying the series, and Cris Ortega’s amazing art work. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for Book 3. Speaking of which, Book 3 is actually going to my beta readers in the next day or two, so I’m very excited to move the series forward. The series is built on trilogies, and this first trilogy will get some closure that I think many will welcome after 2,000 pages or so. lol.

      And YES, I totally want to do an audio book. The problem for me right now is that the upfront investment on that is going to be minimum $4,000 and probably closer to $6,000. I’m not sure what the market is like for audio books in this genre, and so that’s a pretty huge investment for me right now. Like you said, when I’m deep in the series, we’ll see. My wife LOVES audio books, and really want to do one bad, but, we have to eat and pay the rent first. lol.