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Alien Outcomes – February 2016 update – Book 6 of the Galactic Mage Series

The End - first draft Alien Outcomes

At long last and, yes, at least 6 months behind schedule (and surely to be another 6 at least), I’ve finished the first draft of book 6 of the Galactic Mage series. That image there is a screen shot of the actual “The End” that you will, hopefully, one day read. I never delete that once I’ve typed it. Even with massive revisions, or were I to dump that whole chapter, I’d copy and paste that “The End” to the new stuff. Call me silly, call me superstitious, it’s all probably true. It’s fine.

You may notice that I’ve changed the title back to the original title back to Alien Outcomes, which those paying close attention will notice that entertained simply Outcomes for a long time more recently. But, that’s what it is, and, finally, it’s ready for editing. Continue reading Alien Outcomes – February 2016 update – Book 6 of the Galactic Mage Series

Hostiles Update – The Galactic Mage Series Progress

Hostiles galley proofs1Well, Hostiles is reeeeally close to being done. I have gotten my galley copies from the printer and delivered them to my proofreaders. I’m reading through my copy, and hopefully everyone else has dropped everything in their lives as well to do this singular task. Barring any unforeseen delays (and incorporating some degree of realism into the plan), I would guess everyone could be done proofreading by around the 12th.

Once I have all the notes back with any typos or whatever, I will go in and double check all the comments. I will then add the fixes to a master proof, which I will send back to Fernando to fix in the print file. Hopefully he can get that done in a day or two, but I never know how that’s going to go. He went and had kids and stuff without my permission, so now he tries to tell me he has family priorities getting in the way sometimes, which is just crazy talk. Continue reading Hostiles Update – The Galactic Mage Series Progress

Rift in the Races Progress Update: September

Rift in the Races is now with my editor, and I have begun working on the third book (so that the wait between book 2 and book 3 won’t be anywhere near as long as the time between 1 and 2). My editor says she can have it back to me in eight weeks, which, from the time I gave it to her, puts that around November 9th. I will be getting chunks of her suggestions back and working through them as she goes, so I can actually be done with her revisions at almost the same time she is done making them, or within a few days. So, in theory, I’ll have an edited copy of the manuscript done by let’s say November 12th or, just for reality’s sake, let’s call it the 15th. Continue reading Rift in the Races Progress Update: September