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How to Get a CALL-TO-ACTION Button on Your Facebook Posts

Okay, a lot of new stuff has happened on Facebook in recent months, but I think one of the coolest ones is the ability for pages to now put “Call to Action” buttons on your posts. And I’m talking about your regular old posts not just ad posts. To me, that’s an amazing new development.

For anyone who might not be familiar with the term “call to action,” here’s a quick definition. “Call to Action” or CTA is a marketing and advertising term that refers to the thing, the action, that you want your prospective customer to do. You see them all the time:

  • Buy Now
  • Click Here
  • Call Today
  • Clip the Coupon and Mail It In

All of those are calls to action. The value of having one is based on a simple and extremely well researched idea that has proven that you need to tell people what you want them to do. It might seem obvious to you that if you are writing a post about your new novel or your new widget or whatever else, then, I mean, duh, obviously you want people to go buy it right? Well, maybe. But marketers don’t believe in taking chances, so everyone whose ever done any marketing seriously understands the value of having some kind of call to action. So, there you have it.

Anyway, call to actions on Facebook have sort of been this weird thing. They want to sell ads to people, but they had rules about not having calls to action in ad text. Uhhh, okay. But whatever. But now you can do that for your ads via using the buttons they’ve made. And more importantly, at least to me, you can also do it for regular posts. Here’s an example from one I just did:

Sign Up Button on Post

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Facebook Pages for Authors and Books: The Funnel Is Your Friend

1 - Facebook Works for WritersI see lots of conversations on writers’ websites and forums about whether or not Facebook is a good place for writers to connect with readers. Many writers just ask if it’s any good for “marketing” or “generating sales.” There are many opinions on that, and many reasons why there are many opinions, which could be an article all by itself, so I won’t go into that. I’ll just say that I am an advocate for writers using Facebook.

Authors who approach their page as a way to connect with readers will do better than people who think of it solely as a means of getting book sales. This is something I’ve seen said a zillion times before, and yet people still struggle with making Facebook work. I think the reason for that is that in most articles I’ve read, most videos and webinars I’ve watched, that idea is tossed out as either a given or as a obligatory thing they say right before heading into their list of the “Hot Five New Facebook Techniques to Make You Rich.” Continue reading Facebook Pages for Authors and Books: The Funnel Is Your Friend