Literacy Word of the Day: An Interview with John Daulton

by | May 22, 2012 | Blog

A week or two ago, I got a message through Facebook from Peri Craig who runs a new reader’s community site on Facebook called “Literacy Word of the Day.” The page is dedicated to reading and writing, and seems to me to be evenly weighted in its appeal to both readers and writers, which I think is probably the best thing. I’ve found a number of the writer-focused sites, at least on Facebook, that tend to turn into linkfests with everyone spamming their book links on Amazon and screaming, “HAY COME BUY MY BOOKS THEY IZ AWESOME OKAY THANKS.” And I have found on some reader-focused sites, it turns into a contest for who can prove that they have read the most books. I like the balance going at Literacy Word of the Day.

So, that said, I was happy to do an interview and felt honored that I was the first Fantasy/Sci-Fi author to be asked. Checking out the list of writers who were interviewed before me (look in the Notes section), I am pretty humbled to be in that company. There are some really smart, talented people talking to Peri on this up-and-coming site. I feel like the interview she did with me came out well. She asked great questions, and I think for the most part I was able to keep my didacticism and long-windedness mainly in check, and hopefully I didn’t misspell too many werds.

While those folks who come by and read my blog regularly may have seen some of what came out of my answers to a few of the questions, I think there are things about the process and about my take on the characters in the story to be of interest for those who like the nuts and bolts of story and character development.

So, if you are curious, go have a look, and check out some of the other interviews.  If you are a reader or a writer, you might even want to like the page, because Peri really does her homework before the interview. I was astonished at how much she knew about my book, my progress and my history. Pretty pro approach, and surely it will continue to drive very cool content moving forward. I wish her and her page the best success.

Anyway, check out the interview here: