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The Galactic Mage Gets a Great Review on The Girlie Geek Blog

Let me preface this entry by pointing out that, yes, the book is out already. For those paying close attention, they’ll notice it’s NOT the 15th, making, in a way, a lie out of my last entry. So, for the sticklers, I guess I’m a liar. I can live with that. I’m a writer: We drink a lot and we make up stuff and try to get people to read it and give us money. What else would you expect? Besides, all the parts came together sooner than I expected, and, well, there’s really no reason to wait around at that point.

So, that said, I’m pretty stoked right now. People are buying it, the video is getting views, the page on Facebook is getting liked, etc., and I have, at least in part, a great review I got from The Girlie Geek Blog to thank for some of this activity. So, here is my review of her review. (Is that even legal?) Continue reading The Galactic Mage Gets a Great Review on The Girlie Geek Blog

The Galactic Mage – Coming January 15, 2012

So, I’m pretty damn excited. It’s ONE week from today that the book will come out. Finally this book will be launched and flying. I’ve got all the files set up, I’m waiting for them to clear, become available, … magically manifest in the time it takes for whatever happens behind the scenes to happen, and, then, come Sunday the 15th, it will be ON!

It will be up as a paperback and e-book on, and there is an e-book version for Nook readers too. (If you buy it, please consider leaving a review for me. You have no idea how valuable that is in the long term for an author. Doesn’t have to be long or eloquent, just there.) Continue reading The Galactic Mage – Coming January 15, 2012

Even Great Fantasy Takes Time to Shape (Apparently)

My wife has read the book, and she found four errors in the proof copy, in addition to the missing graphic I noticed right off. I’m making the changes this weekend, and we will get a new proof copy ordered next week. Then, I’ll start again, reading through it all to make sure there are no mistakes that somehow crept into the new file. I will say, I think next book, unless I have some really fancy chapter graphics or something, I’ll just use MS Word. Createspace has a template that would have made it easier to work with when it comes to making these little changes. I really like how the layout was done by the graphic artist who’s helped me with the In-Design software, but it adds a layer of complexity in this stage that I would have avoided if I could have. Who knows, though. Maybe I’m just being impatient. (Imagine that, ME impatient).

So that’s where it is.

What IS coming along nicely right now is the book trailer VIDEO! I’ve seen 34 seconds of the rough cut, and Mike, the guy doing it, is AMAZING! It’s so flippin’ cool. The music is perfect, the way he’s cutting it is great, and the script is the best piece of writing every produced by human hands (of course I wrote it). Granted, it may be the enthusiasm and emotional high I am on that affects my opinion on that last part, but, that remains to be seen.

More to come, soon.

It’s Getting Close

I’m waiting for my proof copy from Createspace. I should get it today or tomorrow. For those who don’t know, it’s an actual, physical hard copy of the paperback version. I’ll proof read it one last time (going to hit someone close to me to read it too–someone who’s never read it before), then, I’ll send back last minute adjustments. I’m going to ask for another hard copy before I let it go live, because I want to have a perfect copy in my hands, or at least as perfect as I can make it, before I ask people to consider spending money on it. I already know it’s not perfect, because there’s one graphic file I forgot to put in it (grrrrr). But, such is life. That said, it’s really close. All the pieces are there and assembled, so it’s just a matter of tweaking. Might even still be able to get it out before Christmas, though I’m not going to rush for the sake of it.

Progress update

Just got my Nook account set up at B&N. Still waiting to hear back from Cris Ortega. A week and a half ago, she sent this early progression of the character Orli from the book cover:

Beyond that, I am waiting for the map art I drew up to be assembled with the frame by the graphic artist who is helping me locally.  There’s just soooo much waiting. I am too much of a control freak for this sort of thing, and patience is not my strong suit.

Gonna add a picture

Well, this whole learning a website thing is actually pretty cool. So, while it may come a day where I delete all this early stuff, for now, it seems being true to the truth is more interesting, and “transparency” is the magic word in marketing these days. Guess we’ll find out.


WOOT!!! My page is up and under construction!

Well, here’s my first post on my first ever completely self done website. The image you see in the header is from the draft sketch (shown below) I will be sending to the artist doing my real artwork (in theory that will happen in two weeks or so). I realize it’s pretty terrible, but, hey, that just makes the pending upgrade all the cooler.