A Thank You Note to the Sutter Folks Who Helped My Wife

This blog entry (well, the part I copied below) is actually copied from an email I sent to Sutter Hospital after a grueling experience getting my wife through a gallbladder surgery. I’ll set this email up by pointing out that we actually went to another hospital in town TWICE before in the last three months with the EXACT same issues, and got all the same tests (and paid for them every time) and yet, nothing. Then, due to the suddenness of the attack, and exasperation of the previous experiences, my wife went to Sutter General (downtown Sacramento) instead of the other hospital closest to our house.

Problem solved.

In fact, not only was it solved, it turned out to be the thing we kept trying to tell the other hospital we were pretty sure it was, given family history, symptoms, etc. (and yes, I get that hospitals and doctors can’t let dumbass patients make their own diagnoses; I’m just saying, we WERE right, and the other hospital people wouldn’t even bother to check that too, along with all the other crap they are obligated to test for, and that they charged us for both times, again etc., which is fine, doing their job, blah blah).  Plus everyone at that other, nearby hospital was cranky. My wife heard them complaining about being tired and about how many people kept calling in sick and not coming in, so everyone was beat down and miserable to even be there. (Probably a cycle that perpetuates itself.) Continue reading A Thank You Note to the Sutter Folks Who Helped My Wife

The Galactic Mage Series – Book 6 Progress Update

For the short and most recent updates on the final book in the Galactic Mage Series (at least the last one in the main line), keep an eye on THIS PAGE. If you want an email when it comes out, sign up here: My Email List.

However, people are asking about progress and story and that sort of thing in more detail, so I realize it’s time to post at least something to explain process and plan. So here’s where I am and where I’m headed as far as I can tell. Continue reading The Galactic Mage Series – Book 6 Progress Update