The Evil Lurking in Your Mailbox

Evilope - Worst junkmail of all timeYou know what fills me with hatred? Like, pure, boiling, completely irrational and borderline psychosis kind of hatred?

Me either. Or at least, not exactly.

I mean, I totally know what it is, or what they are, but they are so evil, they don’t even have a name that anyone knows. Like, there is literally no word for them I can give you. But I hate them. I am filled with hatred for something I can’t even name. Which of course fills me with even more hatred.  But I do know what they are, even if I don’t know their name: they are evil. They are evil vessels of evilness devoted to spreading evil, and they show up in my mailbox all the time. They show up in yours too. And they are evil.

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