Even Great Fantasy Takes Time to Shape (Apparently)

My wife has read the book, and she found four errors in the proof copy, in addition to the missing graphic I noticed right off. I’m making the changes this weekend, and we will get a new proof copy ordered next week. Then, I’ll start again, reading through it all to make sure there are no mistakes that somehow crept into the new file. I will say, I think next book, unless I have some really fancy chapter graphics or something, I’ll just use MS Word. Createspace has a template that would have made it easier to work with when it comes to making these little changes. I really like how the layout was done by the graphic artist who’s helped me with the In-Design software, but it adds a layer of complexity in this stage that I would have avoided if I could have. Who knows, though. Maybe I’m just being impatient. (Imagine that, ME impatient).

So that’s where it is.

What IS coming along nicely right now is the book trailer VIDEO! I’ve seen 34 seconds of the rough cut, and Mike, the guy doing it, is AMAZING! It’s so flippin’ cool. The music is perfect, the way he’s cutting it is great, and the script is the best piece of writing every produced by human hands (of course I wrote it). Granted, it may be the enthusiasm and emotional high I am on that affects my opinion on that last part, but, that remains to be seen.

More to come, soon.