Alien Outcomes – TGM 6 (Coming Jan 2022)

Alien Outcomes – Book 6 of the The Galactic Mage Series.

Alien Outcomes - Cover sketch
Alien Outcomes – Cover art – temporary sketch © 2021 John Daulton

The rules have changed. For everyone.

Traveling through the wormhole exposes Altin, Orli, and the Glistening Lady’s crew to the threat of the new race of aliens, known simply as Jellies. The Jellies hold power far greater than any force the people of Earth,  Prosperion, or their two Hostile allies, Blue Fire and Yellow Fire, have encountered before.

Making matters worse, with the War Queen deposed, the Marchioness has placed herself on the throne. The usurper thrives in the ensuing chaos, and she profits greatly from the war between the NTA and Mexico on Earth—all while calling herself neutral and funneling power from Prosperion’s magic guilds to her loyal servants Black Sander and Ivan Gangue. She will soon be the most powerful human amongst the stars.

And who is there to oppose her? Pernie is stuck on Earth, and even with the help of her friend Jeremy, she is still subject to an oppressively inquisitive NTA. And Altin and Orli can’t help on Prosperion unless Roberto and his crew can get them back from the Jellies, who dominate the stars beyond the wormhole. 

Alien Outcomes is the ultimate battle of good and evil, where the strength of truth, love, and civility clash with the power of brute force, domination, and lies. In a universe where ideologies are mere words on scrolls or computer screens, such distinctions get lost in the fog of war. Can there really be a “winner” at all?

​​​​​​​Alien Outcomes is book 6 of the Galactic Mage Series. It is the third book of the second trilogy, bringing the main series storyline to a close. More books may follow, but the original concept is now complete.

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11/06/2021 – Alien Outcomes is with my new formatter and I should have the files next weekend. Cris is working on the cover now.

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Previous Updates:

10/28/2021 – Alien Outcomes is done, and waiting only on cover art. Which ought to begin next week if Cris Ortega can get her current project finished up.  

I’ve also done some minor revisions and edits to The Galactic Mage book 1, because it was clunky by my current standards, and I did find lots of little errors that, while maybe many don’t notice, some do. I did. I’ve grown a lot as a writer over the last ten years and eight books.

Dance of Destinies audio is in production, and David Bodtcher has uploaded the first 14 of 48 chapters for me to go through. So that project is coming along too. I’ll be going through this this week (along with doing first-round edits of the new series I’m still calling Star Cluster 66).

And for those who might be wondering if there will be more Galactic Mage stories. Yes. I already have 3 more outlined, plus 2 more to complete the prequel trilogy.  I’m actually thinking about setting up a Patreon account to see if maybe that would help me free up more time to get books out faster. I was kind of opposed to it when I first heard of it, not wanting to be a burden on readers, but I see a lot of readers think of that more like, well, being a patron of the arts. So, we’ll see. Maybe.

10/10/2021 – Alien Outcomes progress still totally on track for January. Since I had time waiting on edits and covers still, I actually finished the first draft of the sci-fi book I mentioned in the last update, which I am calling Star Cluster 66 for now. It’s 600 pages, so it doubled in size (go figure, I wrote a long book). I hope it’s as funny when I get to first round edits as it seemed like it was when I was writing. Beyond that, I’ve got a few pages left on final edits from Carolyn to approve, but that’s basically about forty minutes of work. I’ll need another few days to go through edits on the revised book 1, which I’ll also release in January most likely.

I talked to Cris Ortega yesterday, and she needs about 2 weeks and she can start on the covers.  I say “covers” with an S because we also talked about a slight update on the cover for book 1 to satisfy modern sensibilities in the marketplace and to go along with the edits and revisions I did in the text. So basically, I’m only down to getting the files formatted for print and e-book, and both will be ready to go. It looks like I won’t have it all before November 1st, so we can officially say any chance of early October release is out. But January was the main focus anyway. I’ll reach out next week to David Bodtcher and see how the Dance of Destinies audio project is going and will update here if I have news.

9/4/2021 – Carolyn has sent back the final edits. I have a continuity editor that is going back through a second time (he’s anal, apparently, because I didn’t ask him to go through twice), so he needs another couple of days. Which I’m fine waiting for. And Cris Ortega  still has the cover to start the re-do anyway. Waiting on all of that has actually given me time to revise a version of Book 1 (it needed modernizing and editing, I admit, that was my first published novel, and I found soooo many things I could make better). PLUS…  since August 15 to now, I have written 300 pages of a sci-fi comedy book I’ve wanted to do get to for years, and even that first draft is almost done. Maybe 7 chapters or so left. 

So, lots of stuff going. Book 5 audio underway too.  Anyway, Alien Outcomes is  close. Might get it out by October like I said was possible, but I doubt the cover will be ready in time, so probably not, even if the text is. Possible, but January goal looks spot on. 10th anniversary would be ideal anyway.  Please tell your friends who might like the series but who want a finished series that now is a good time to start, because the original story arc is about to be done. It. Is. Happening. Only question is October or January. And, probably January, if I’m being honest. But never know.

8/2/2021 – Quick update, target completion for final edits is August 31. So that’s moving along nicely. So if I can get the edits all worked in, and get all the formatting and e-file requirements met, there’s an outside chance, if cover can be done early and maybe October could happen. But, I’m still gonna stick with January for the series’ 10th anniversary as what I am willing to promise, and if I can go earlier, I will. (Earlier being October, or early November. I’m not going to try to duke it out with the big publishing companies for a holiday release.)

7/16/2021 – I just sent the manuscript off to Carolyn (and my mom, who always likes to read everything first… she already knows I’m illiterate so the stuff Carolyn will fix for you guys, my mother can deal with. lol). Carolyn hasn’t looked at it yet, so I don’t know how long it will take. It’s 810 pages in Word doc format, so it’s slightly shorter than Rift in the Races was. If I had to guess, I would say it will take her at least 2 months. But I’ll let you know. But for now, let’s assume something like that. Then I have to go through all her edits and put them in. So that takes some time. Usually only a week, but let’s call it 3 just to try to be realistic. After that, it will have to go to formatting, which I might be able to get done fairly quickly, depending on how the images (maps and stuff) play in. But that does put me in at least a decent possibility of November. However, if I can’t get it out in early November, I will wait and put it on on the 10th anniversary of the series, in January.  I don’t want to try to compete with all the big publishing houses and all that big corporate money buying ads and stuff for Christmas. Besides, with some luck, I will be announcing the release of the audio book for Dance of Destinies in November.

Bottom line, though… I am SOOOO stoked. This book is SOOO good. There is just a huge amount of adventure in this one. Plus, it brings the second trilogy to a close, so people who like things tidy will be happy. It’s definitely the conclusion of my original idea. I have new ideas that have sprouted up as I have gone along, but what I intended with book one definitely comes full circle here. 

6/29/2021 – I finished the last phase of my major edits (pant, pant) a few days ago. So now I’m doing some touch up stuff like I mentioned in the last update, weeding out my pet peeve words and some of my bad habit stuff, so I don’t have to waste Carolyn’s time catching all that (not to mention subjecting readers to it).  I’ve been doing that all week, and probably will be done Friday (July 2nd), but if not, should be by the weekend. Carolyn isn’t ready for it until July 15th, so I’m not in a big rush.
I’ve actually been spending quite a bit of time fleshing out the outlines for the 2nd and 3rd prequel and for series books 7, 8, and 9. And no, don’t worry, Alien Outcomes will not end on a cliffhanger (I only do that on middle-of-trilogy books). AO draws a firm, hard, totally satisfying (I think anyway) conclusion to the storyline that began with book 1 (hence the title being Alien OUTCOMES, lol).  I just still have a bigger plan. Those of you who have been following along know I kept going back and forth on whether or not the series was going to be 6 books or 9. I originally planned 9, then thought I might be able to get it all in book 6, went back to nine, then to 7, and then finally figured out that was just lazy and stupid on my part. Which is a big part of why this all took so long. I was trying to do too much and then too little, which made me either try to rush things or cut things. So I finally decided to stop thinking and just write the story I want to read. Which is great writing advice, by the way. So I cut out the stupid shortcut shit, and rewrote several big sections to what they should have been all along. Which has made everything work out, and now I am totally in love with how this one came out (hopefully I’m not the only one, lol, but in the end, I just have to be true to the story, and whatever happens happens. I’m fine with it).

6/24/2021 – I’m three chapters away from having it ready for Carolyn to work her editing magic on it. I’ll do a quick pass through it to catch all the there/their, its/it’s, to/too’s and that sort of thing, just to spare her the trouble. And yes, I know the difference between all of those, but apparently I type foenetickally and homonyms just spew forth as they see fit, regardless of my intent or grasp of language—unlike “lead” and “led” (as in showing you the direction) which I always type lead when I mean led becuz I am dum and literally spelled that wrong up until like 10 years ago or so when I finally realized I was doing it. Find/Replace is an amazing editing tool. I have about 65 things that I always do, so it’s easy to search them out that way. Saves Carolyn a headache, and me a few bucks for her time not having to fix shit I should have fixed myself. Anyway, it’s moving along at a steady clip.

6/15/2021 – I’m  on chapter 47, which is 75% through this last stage of my edits. I’ve spoken to Carolyn, my editor, and she’s good to go for mid-July. Not sure how long she’ll need, given this manuscript is 809 pages  in MS Word, but that is the step that’s next.  (BTW, those of you following along may recall there was a time I thought it would have to be two books, but I’ve been able to trim quite a bit of my wordiness, as I do tend to wander. Some of the wandering is intentional, but sometimes the wandering wanders and then it gets the axe.)

 I do actually do a few more things after this stage before I send it to Carolyn, but it’s stuff I can do in a day or two.  On a side note, if I didn’t already mention it, I spoke to David, who does the great voice work for audio, and we’re underway to have the audio version of Dance of Destinies out by November. We’d like to have it out so that the audio for Alien Outcomes can follow not too long after the print/ebook versions come out.

6/3/2021 – I’m halfway through the last phase of edits, on chapter 33 of 66. Making good headway and I’m super happy with it. I’m actually no longer just modifying the cover, but totally redoing the cover to reflect some of the major changes I made along the way, which were in part why I procrastinated so long. But I finally found the muse (aka stopped being a lazy piece of shit and actually did the work), and I’m stoked. I’ve even gone so far as to update the title of this page to reflect my target release date of November. There is a chance I will do it in October, but an equal chance I will wait until January 11th 2022 and put it out on the anniversary of the release of book 1. I actually like that idea better, but I may be too impatient. But it’s finally actually happening (knock on wood) barring any unforeseen delays. 

5/22/2021 – Only a day behind my schedule to have it done by July 9th-ish. And that was because I spent four days on one chapter.  But it’s coming along famously. I’m growing happier and happier with it each passing day. 

I’ve also gotten in touch with Cris Ortega. We’re going to modify the cover art some. I had imagery on it that I’ve decided needs to go on to the Book 7 cover (yes, book 7 … but that will be part of a new trilogy in the series. I am compelled to compartmentalize in trilogies for whatever reason). But that cover update project is under way as well.

I’m super stoked.  If you are, please tell your friends who might like the story to check it out.

5/03/2021 – Third round of edits and some significant rewrites and new stuff has been added. Cut some stuff and re-did it differently, and I love how it came out! I’ve gone through the new stuff three times as well, so now I’m ready for round four, which will be me cleaning up as many typos and punctuation and anything awkward I find, and trying to cut out as much fat as possible (which is not my strong suit, as you all know, lol). Plus, I have a couple of continuity edits marked from the last two passes I want to double check, and then it will be off to my editor for final. Usually at this point the process for me on this pass is pretty smooth because I’ve cleaned it up so much on the earlier passes. Hopefully that will be the case here. I’d like to go for a chapter a day if possible, which is very aggressive, and means given there are 66 chapters, I might actually be done with this round on something like July 7th. Wish me luck.

2/21/2021 – Coulda swore I posted an update in January, but apparently not. So obviously I’m done rereading through the series. I had to focus on Pernie’s character on a subsequent re-reread of only chapters pertaining to her because there were a few chapters for her that I left as outline in the original draft as I was busting through the initial write. I left them as outline in the last 2 editing passes, too, because I wanted to make sure I was happy with the story, and to figure out what to do with the parts that were still bugging me (which contributed to the excuse making and procrastination that has followed). But, totally worked out and I have written two of those chapters (2 of 3, possibly 4 since I am longwinded) this weekend. So, now it’s moving along really well and the biggest cockblocks are gone.  Stay tuned.

12/01/2020 – Website transfer is over (yes, same look, but maybe I’ll update at some point if it matters. For now, it ain’t broke, so I ain’t fixing it). Lots of distractions since then. A friend put out a new book which I read in addition to picking up Obama’s book (not because I love or hate him, but because I find it interesting to see what people who have held that position have to say), plus procrastinating on my own for all my usual reasons. But, been nibbling away at Alien Outcomes still (technically reading through the series again… I still love these characters so much!). With COVID as it is, I am not in a rush. I don’t want it to come out when everyone is all dark and gloomy anyway. I feel like, with as close as I am to done, there’s almost no way I don’t get it out in 2021 though. I won’t commit to that, as doing so will curse me, but I really just have maybe 100 hours work left on it. Question is, will I do it all in 3 weeks, or stretch it out. I keep telling my wife to get a few more raises so I can just stop my day job and finally focus on books. I only got so much energy in this old, fat, booze-saturated carcass of mine. 

Anyway, buy my newest book, Something After All, it’s really good—it’s even better this far into COVID-19 and post election to boot, plus it’s funny and fun. If you want to hurry this process along, please tell your friends to buy  my stuff, and if you leave lots of nice reviews it helps with selling more stories too.  But whether you do any of that or not, just thanks for your interest in and support of my work. It’s getting there, I swear.

08/23/2020 – I’m finished with this second round of edits. I fixed some of the klunky stuff I thought was too slow, and I’m MUCH happier with pacing. I’m going to go back now and re-read book 4 and 5 to inform my next pass of edits for finer details, make sure I’m not missing anything or didn’t contradict myself, etc. I’ll post again when I have something to say. (If the website gets wonky in the next week or two… I’m migrating to a new host, as the company I’ve been using since the beginning has just fallen too far behind the times. It will be working shortly … assuming it has any issues at all.)   As always, buy my newest book, it’s really good. Tell your friends to buy all my stuff.  Leave lots of nice reviews. And, in general, just thanks for your interest in and support of my work.

08/11/2020 – I’m on page 717 of 751. A lot of rewrites and cutting and rewriting still (this is only the second wave of editing, so it’s to be expected), some wordiness, some I wanted to say it differently. I am at Chapter 62, and am thinking about trying Chapter 61 from the perspective of another character. I had it that way in my original outline, and then went the way I went. But I’ve decided, since I’ve taken this long anyway, I might as well write it both ways and then decide which I like better. I think the version I have now is amazing, and I just want to make sure there isn’t an even more amazing possibility. 

08/04/2020 – I’m on page 698 of 752. Been slow going last two chapters because… if I’m being honest … (as if you don’t already know) … I’m a wordy bastard, and a few of these chapters are just tooooo dense. So, I’m hacking and hacking, Which is then causing me to clean up and reconnect, which then provides opportunities to make better prose (at least that’s what I tell myself). Etc. So, yes, in a month, I’ve only technically gotten 160 pages done, but about 30 of those pages are completely rewritten, then edited, then edited again, then edited again so they are caught up to where the rest of my editing is. Nonetheless, progress is happening steadily still. 

06/28/2020 – I’m on page 536 of what is now 753 pages (in MS Word count, not actual book page count; that will be longer for sure), and it will grow as I expand two combat chapters. I kinda save that stuff for last; it’s like a dessert after dinner sort of thing. I was only going to work for an hour or so today, as I’ve been stuck for the last two days working on the same chapter over and over trying to get it right, but I finally did it, and I ended up going three hours straight to get there. It’s really important dialogue, sort of the heart of the reasoning, the fulfillment of so much of the entire series philosophically—the stuff that matters to me in my heart, and a big part of what provides the drive to write in the first place. Writing isn’t only fun and creative, it does have to matter. Even if only to me, in my head, and nobody ever notices what I tried to do. At least I know I tried, and in my way, hopefully even succeeded. At least it’s out there as a maybe for someone else to see with me.

06/08/2020 – I’m on page 400 now, so past the halfway point (it’s 745 pages in MS Word form, which will be much more in book form). Still probably going to be 2 books, but if I can cut it down enough to fit into one, I will). Main point of this update is, I’m working on it. My plan for it:

  1. Finish this second editing pass.
  2. Re-read book 4 and 5 one more time to make sure I am not forgetting something.
  3. Third editing pass (should be quicker since it’s a lot cleaner).
  4. Send to my editor.
  5. Fourth editing pass (going through her edits, too).
  6. Send to formatting to determine paperback length and if it’s going to have to be 2 books or can just be 1.
  7. Release either part 1, both part 1 and 2, or the whole thing as one book depending on what happened in previous 6 steps.

05/24/2020 – I’m on page 215 now, with another day left in the holiday weekend. I know some may say, “Well, that’s only 65 pages since the 9th,” but there was a bunch of stuff I had to do for binding in research. There’s a lot of space stuff going on, and I have scads of research for it. In the first draft, I would write placeholder pieces in the manuscript for technical stuff. Like, I have passages that go : “Roberto said, hey, there are HOW MANY MILES BETWEEN X AND Y” that depend on actual physics and astronomical units, etc. I know what I am basing the objects on (which I can’t explain here due to spoilers, etc.), but when I am writing scenes, I don’t bog myself down with details like that. The research is why I know I can do what I planned out the plot, but in the moment of the dream (which is what writing kind of is), I don’t worry about the deep details or the math, etc. I do them before in notes to figure out how stuff can work, then write the story, then write those details into the narrative later (like now). So, certain sections can take a long time to “edit” because I have to double check details, and re-do the math (or call my math editor lol) to make sure the story is doing what I wanted it to do.

Anyway, my point is, I’m at it pretty good, and hope to, now that I’m past that super mathy part, make another 40 to 70 pages tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I have a plan and a tracking chart to help me stay on task. Hopefully it works. Alcohol and laziness are in league with having a fucking “day job” to keep storytelling at bay.

05/09/2020 – I’m on page 150 of the next round of revisions for Alien Outcomes. It’s tidying up nicely at this point. I have some back fill still to do, and since I took so damn long, I am going to re-read book 5 to make sure I am not messing up anyone’s voice or anything stupid. But, bottom line, with Something After All out and finally off my mind, it’s a lot easier to work. I am so OCD when it comes to only working on one project at a time. Trying to do two basically means I do none. (Oh, and for what it’s worth, if you read Something After All, just remember that I put it out BEFORE the Coronavirus, so yes, I totally predicted all of this crap going on right now ten years ago when I started that project. It’s weird watching that book damn literally playing out page by page in our world right now.  Not that the point of it wasn’t that this is just how everything works now in a world of narrative, spin, and modern media technologies, but still… nailed it, even if I do say so myself. Do me a favor and go buy it. It’s good. And leave a review, etc.)

12/30/2019 – Something After All is with my second edits editor, trying to bring my wordiness under control. She’s been busy, so it’s taking longer than expected (wow, shocker, me being behind schedule, what are the odds?). However, it’s close and I’m hoping for maybe a January release. THAT will spring me to get back on Book 6 finally. I just have to finish Something After All, because it matters so much to me that it won’t let me work on anything else.

08/03/2019 – Hey, finally an update here.

It will seem weird, but my update includes announcing the finish of a different book, Something After All. I’m done. Or so close to done it’s done. I have a few minor tweaks, then its all about my editor getting into it, and getting cover art and a marketing plan together. (If ya’ll want to make that easier, just grab a copy as soon as it comes out, even though it’s not a TGM series book. It’s still good. I don’t think you can start it and then stop. Maybe I’m delusional, but I feel it takes off that fast.)

Anyway, with Something After All finally done, I can get to the second round edits of Alien Outcomes. I’m not going to fabricate a finish date, as I mentioned before. But I will actually be working on it again. I lost a lot of time trying to pretend I could finish the story in one book, and I lost a lot of time because I have their stupid anal-retentive thing where I have to work on my books “in order.” So, I felt like I couldn’t work on Something After All (originally I was calling it Fish Story, some of you may recall). So, because my heart wanted to finish Something After All, but my OCD brain was like a mean parent telling me what I had to do, I ended up not working on either. Which is dumb, because I was caught in a box of my own making.

Anyway, I had the final epiphany I needed to finish SAA, and it’s done. And I am super stoked. So with Alien Outcomes now at 1250 pages, and sure to become longer than that, I will likely break it into two parts, AO – part 1, and AO – part 2. That is more for practical reasons involving print and paperback than for anything else. But, that’s where the project is. The good news is, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, because I no longer have guilt about neglecting both of my babies, so to speak. One baby is done, now I can spend time on the other.

07/10/2018 – Okay,  finally, finished the first complete edit. Still a long way to done, but I’m on the right track, which makes working easier. She’s still afloat, captain, and gaining steam again.

07/27/2017 – If it’s been a while since you checked in: reread the paragraphs above. Total update. I have finally acknowledged the reality that I was, for whatever stupid reason, unwilling to recognize. (Short version: this is just not a 6 book series … and no amount of trying to cram the vision into one last book is going to work. I am going back to my original 9 book plan. I was dumb to think otherwise. Sorry for the delay.)

03/24/2017 – <Insert shitty excuse here>, but I’m getting there.

02/05/2017 – The tortoise not the hare!

10/27/2016 – Still growing. Well over half way mark now, and moving along at a steady snail’s pace. Good news (for me and the story if not my wife) with the holidays coming, my wife has to work for most of them, so I’ll be able to take some big chunks of time that aren’t filled with activities. I dare not pronounce the sounds that make a deadline, but I do actually see the finish line of this round of edits drawing within sprinting distance!!!

8/30/2016 – Page 280 of 697 … still growing in huge chunks. It’s 20,000 or so words longer than it was a few months ago (1/3 the length of a short novel added). I got other issues slowing me up, but I hate excuses, so I’m just going to admit I suck and am taking forever. It will come out when it is done. 2017. Don’t know when. I am sorry. I’m not going to rush and not going to put out shit. So, it is what it is. (I’ll just add that if the U.S. healthcare system wasn’t what it is, things would go faster. End of comment.)

5/05/2016 – About 20% of the way done with first round edits. Progress is steady. Book is expanding, as anticipated. I’m wondering if it will get too long for a single volume in print. No limit on e-books, so that’s not an issue, but if it gets too big for paperback, I’m going to have to figure something out. Amazon pricing on paperbacks is so high, I really don’t want to do a “part 1” and “part 2.” I’ll definitely push margins and squeeze down font size like I did with Rift in the Races first. Should be good. Too early to worry, but I can’t help it.  I’m a worrier.

4/05/2016 – I’m 55 pages into the first wave of revisions. I am extremely happy with how it came together, despite some months here and there where I thought it was going to be impossible to get done in just one last book. But I held to my outline, trusted in the original idea, and let the muses guide my hand, as they say. So, I’m pleased and now getting it cleaned up. Not even going to try to guess how long it will take. I do numerous rounds of editing, and it’s huge: like 175,000 words now, and I’m adding about 1000 words per chapter as I edit. Since there are 65 or so chapters, you can do the math, and that doesn’t count four chapters that I already know will get way more than a thousand words, because I left them stark on purpose. So there you have it.

2/10/2016 –  Likely will type “the end” on the first draft this weekend. I actually have three chapters in the middle to write that are outline still, needing the end to play out first. But that said, it’s so close I can taste it. Lots of editing and that to come, but, definitely right there. (I’ll be adding the cover to this page shortly, as that too is nearly done.)

12/12/2015 –  Outline has 9 chapters left to the end, which means, I should be able to finish the first draft (finally) this month, yes, even with the holidays. I might even get done and be editing before New Year’s, which be super cool.

11/7/2015 –  The muses have taken over. It’s very cool. Original deadlines are all shot to hell, and it’s going to be done when it is. All I know is that writing Altin at this point is really just about the most epic and nerdiest thing of all time. Love, love, love it.

10/1/2015 –  I am very close to the end, but the scenes are so important that I am writing them very carefully, letting the action play out. I know that for some, the end of book one, the last few chapters, were too quickly done. But I did them in the pacing I felt the action warranted. It was a long span of time, but a short span of pages. The end of this book is the opposite, a short span of time, but a long span of pages. I also think I’m going to go back at the end of this and rewrite a few of the earlier chapters with Pernie’s character. So, suffice to say, I’m working. I no longer think December is reasonable, however, and think January is now even an ambitious estimate. I am going to try to make that work, but I have to finish before I can even begin the editing process. So, we’ll see.

08/4/2015 –  Okay, I am having so much fun writing this part now. I got enough work into the ending scenes, that it backfilled what I was missing for the middle, and now I’m in love with my new aliens. Progress is fine. I still think I can get it out by December, or as I mentioned early, maybe January, since I seem to get a lot more traction on Amazon with January releases.

06/26/2015 –  Jumped to the end. I’ve been dreaming of this ending for, like, a decade at least, and, being honest, actually this story dates back to me in high school.  So, being antsy to get to it, I did.

05/27/2015 –  Massive cuts just happened. Don’t even know the revised word count yet. I was in a transition section that was just not fun and had a huge missing element in it. Was causing me to slog through a few chapters, which is never a good sign. I have figured out what I was doing wrong (thanks to the muses hitting me up in a dream), and while it is painful in terms of work and effort lost, I will be dumping somewhere around 50 to 100 pages. The upside is, what I realized from the dream is sooooo freaking cool, I can hardly wait to write it. That’s always a good sign. (More detail in this blog post if you are interested:  Here.

04/28/2015 –  93,000 words now, roughly 320 pages. A lot to hold together, so having to go back and double check notes, read through previous books, etc. to make sure I’m holding to the rules. My wife had an emergency surgery two weeks ago, and that has added further delays. But, the work is the work, fate is fate, and story will be told when it is told. I am looking forward to a fight scene that I have schedule to start on come Thursday. I super love writing those. Woot!

03/29/2015 –  Hit the 75,000 word mark today, which is around 225 pages. My outline is holding up well, with the muse fleshing things out nicely. I’m about 10,000 words behind my target at this point, but life has a way of doing that sort of thing to me. It’s close enough that I’m still comfortable with my target release plans.

01/06/2015 –  9,000 words written. Going through outline and plotting and working through prophetic fine touches to make sure the religious underpinnings all tie the foundations together from book 1 through the series neatly. Lots of note checking and reading back through the series at this point, making writing slower, but, very cool and fun.

20 thoughts on “Alien Outcomes – TGM 6 (Coming Jan 2022)”

  1. I picked up the Galactic Mage almost by accident and it quickly became one of my favorite stories. One day while telling a friend about this awesome tail, I looked it up to find that John had written and published another! I had NO idea it was going to be a trilogy let alone a double.

    I eagerly await the final(?) tail and will probably try and marathon read the series again. This is something I rarely do, but I loved the development of the original story and the progression all the characters have made.

  2. No offense, but its been for fucking ever man. Is it coming out anytime soon at all? haven’t seen a post on it in almost five months and we reaaaallllly overshot the 2015 deadline, lol. Just give us some kind of idea whats happening. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top. If you want to send me a pre release version that’d be kool too. lol

    1. It is getting there. It’s gotten long. I vowed to finish the series off (at least the main, original plan story) in one final book, and it’s turned huge. That said, not gonna lie, I had to take a day job to pay for some crap, multiple craps, that happened in my family that threw everything into … let’s just say, “not how I planned it” mode. So I am really slow as shit now. I am at about the 30% mark in revisions, maybe more. Not even going to hit my Christmas/January mark. It will be out in 2017, that’s all I can promise. I know it’s bullshit. But that’s what it is. I’m not going to rush it out and publish trash. I’d rather never publish it than that. So, you have to wait. If you can’t, I don’t blame you. All I can tell myself is to be real to the story. I waited over a decade for the rest of the Wheel of Time thing (Yes, he died, so, that’s a better excuse than mine), but hey, George R.R. Martin just finally said, “Fuck it, I’m out,” on book six and handed it off to fans. So, I feel like, even if my book six is slow as shit, it will at least be done. By me.

      Thanks for giving a shit, dude. I know I suck, but that’s real.

      1. All good man, thx for the quick reply, meant to mention that when I read it. Been a while again, just checking in to see how it’s goin with my favorite Altin author. Or in the tongue of my people, waaaaaassssszzzzuuuuuuupppppppppppp

        1. Taking a sabbatical in June to hopefully finish edits, or get them wayyy closer to done. Wish me luck. Lol

          1. Good luck!! Enjoy the sabbatical, and in your mind let the eternal words of the little engine that could, roll. 😉

          2. Hey man it’s time for my biennial comment???? hope you and yours are doing well and the covid doesn’t have you down. Been 9 moths or so since the last update, hows the book going? Seen any good shows lately? How you feel about the end of the third phase of Marvel movies? I’m sad it’s the end of an era. Any-who hope to hear from ya soon bruh. Peace and chicken grease

  3. Still very much looking forward to the conclusion of The Galactic Mage Series. I would love to do some sort of video game mod campaign for Divinity: Original Sin 2 ( set some time in the “Rift in the Races” time frame. I was thinking perhaps a clandestine “Little Earth Recon” team sent to investigate Prosperion (evaluate the treat) per Captain Asad’s orders. A two man team sent to investigate the world with some unwitting Prospersions joining the ranks.

    Anyway still eagerly awaiting the finale.

  4. Hey there John,

    Regardless of when the 6th.. or 7th… Or 13th and final book gets here, just wanted to let you know I appreciate the story you have created and thoroughly enjoy it each time a read it. So much that it’s warranted multiple re-reads over the years. Looking forward to more of your work!

    1. Thanks, Jake. It’s much appreciated. And for what it’s worth, I saw your comment today literally five minutes after JUST finishing (finally) the first wave of edits on this monstrous tome of book six. Since it’s been so damn long since I finished the first draft, I was actually super stoked at the ending, and am jacked to keep moving. I know it sounds all vain or whatever, but … this ending is sooooo freaking cool. I’m super stoked right now!

  5. You have a great story with multiple intricate and interesting characters, write as many books as it takes. 🙂

  6. Greetings in 2019! I was hoping/praying that since you tried to do it all in one book (etc,etc)… so now does that mean most/some of books 7,8, and or 9 are somewhat written? Or at least have shorter eta’s. Just was kinda hoping…it’s been rough out here and could definitely use a good book or 3.

    1. Well, I’ve got 1250 pages that were supposed to be book six done and edited through one time. I’m either going to do a Part 1 and Part 2 of “book 6” or just say fuck it and make a Medieval Axe Surgery cut of it, leave you all with a horrific cliff hanger in “book six” and put out book seven shortly after. That will cost me a couple of thousand bucks extra for a new cover, since I have the Book 6 cover done. Which will become book 7. But yeah. That.

      I have, for sanity, jumped onto a book I’ve been trying to finish since I started this series, so I’m almost done with that one (for realz, I swear lol). So basically I have 3 books “almost” done. Hopefully you all will give the one I’m finishing up a try. It really matters to me, and I know it’s hard to get readers to go off series. But, I have to get this one out of my system. And it’s really good. Super fast read too. 1st-person, which gives me lots of “voice” control and consistency, and it’s funny as shit. I cracked myself up several times last weekend. So, hopefully peeps will be merciful and curious and read it. We shall see. But such is the life of a writer, and why we all, excepting the freakishly successful folks like Rowling and King, have to have day jobs. (Would help if torrent sites and whatever didn’t give my shit away, but that risks a rant, so I’ll stop.) Thanks for asking. And yeah, it’s getting there. Just slow. It is what it is.

      1. Ranting is not only allowed it’s encouraged…helps with getting the juices flowing. I’m glad to hear you got stuff coming down the pipe soon. I’m gonna restart the series so I’ll be caught up by the time the new books are out it’ll be fresh. Thanks for the update and please keep writing!

        1. Yeah, I updated it. Finally. I’m pretty much done with the book I’ve been working on (non-series book “Something After All.” So now that I am not longer being pulled by the muses to do that, I can get back to it in earnest.

  7. I just saw that not only have u not finished what we all be waiting for (what u fuktup btw) u wrote a whole other book n had the nerve to say read it? Delusional? No just a damn fool. I won’t even finish tgm cus ur so damn idiotic. U must smoke crack to think I’m reading anything from a dumpster fire of a author ????. For the few fans u got left I’ll tell u, “Go finish TGM!!”
    Injest a bag of Richards

    1. LOL. I agree with everything you just said. You should still read the other one. Think of it as an act of charity. Think of me as like old and jacked up street performer, on my last legs, crack addicted, have lice and bed bugs and crabs, and I was living behind that dumpster that just burned. I smell like a urinal cake, draw flies, and am all scratched up where rats chew on me in my sleep. My books are my dinged up old guitar, and I started to play the song people were requesting, but then, because of how meth-addled and booze hazy I am (that last part is not even wrong), I play the wrong song. But you toss the price of a book in my guitar case because of what a pathetic mess I am, anyway. Turns out the song is pretty good too. You come back by on your way out of the restaurant, and I’m finally playing the song you wanted. Win/win. 🙂

    1. Yes, I am. Originally book 5 and 6 were going to be done together, since 5 is short (for me) at 420ish pages and 6 is creeping up on 1300. But we’ve discussed 5 sooner. Spadebreaker is a different subject, and since I am so far behind, I suppose I ought to admit it’s going to be a while for the next 2 and put that audio out too. There’s a lot of work to do, and so little time, and I’m too stubborn to do a gofundme or whatever the cool artists do. lol

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