Star Cluster 66 – COMING 2023

My current project is a science fiction epic that takes place after the collapse of human society. Divisions on Earth pitted people against one another to the point were eventually even men and women became distinct and warring parties. So, after too much conflict, humanity got a divorce. All the men packed up their shit and headed to another world, which they named Toxicovia in the spirit of the times.

Our story takes place 200 years later, as our humble young narrator, Bark, is forced to explain to the Warwellian authorities, who police the galaxy, why he and his whole family should be spared life imprisonment … or worse, for crimes he may or may not have committed (you’ll have to read it to find out what happened, same as the Warwellians do).

The story begins as Bark’s family settles in the Belt, an asteroid ring in a solar system far from Earth and Toxicovia. He has only a few weeks before he starts his senior year. At a new school. With no friends at all.

Working at the family business, which happens to be a carnival featuring rodeo attractions where aliens take turns riding mice or bison, depending on their size, the tale moves off the family asteroid and will take readers on a carnival ride of adventures from death-defying space drag races at the cruise, to interludes with sumptuous and very alien space whores, to run-ins with space mobsters and more!

Exposure to these dangers and to so many varieties of aliens of such diversity forces Bark to confront his assumptions of just about everything he thought he knew, including what the thought he knew about himself.

Author being hunted by his own creations! – Star Cluster 66 – John Daulton

Star Cluster 66 is huge story, a thousand pages of action, adventure, and most importantly, humor, and you will burn right through them. Nine passes through it editing, and I was still cracking myself up. That can’t be a bad sign (can it? lol). I decided that rather than breaking it up at arbitrary places to make it into a trilogy—everyone hates cliff hangers—I would just say fuck it and put it all out as one. You can have the whole thing at once. Probably cost me profit, but it’s what I would want if I was buying this story. So huzzah for the Golden Rule!

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I will post periodic updates as progress continues.

Current Update:
11/17/2022 – The book is in its semi-final draft. I’ve done 9 rounds of edits, and am doing my last run, where I use a spreadsheet I have with a list of my standard bad habits, typos I can’t stop making no matter how long I do this, and that sort of thing. The plan is to get it to Carolyn, who’s edited almost all my books now (she even edited the revised version of TGM book 1 that I rereleased at the end of 2021). I might shop it around to a few publishers, but we’ll see. I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever written. I hope you will too.

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