Something After All – Rare John Daulton podcast appearance

Well I pretty much figure I have a face for prose, so I keep it that way most of the time. But the COVID19 thing has gotten everyone used to doing video chat and all that rot, so I have gotten more comfortable with that sort of thing too. Not much, but a little.

Aya Katz who is a publisher, author, and primatologist (it’s most like this last interest that got her interested in interviewing me), does a podcast with co-host Julia Hanna, and they invited me to talk about my latest novel, Something After All.

SPOILER ALERT… there are definite spoilers so DO NOT watch if you haven’t read it yet and don’t want the surprises ruined.

SPOILER ALERT – Aya Katz and Julia Hanna interview author John Daulton about his novel Something After All: An American Story in the Disinformation Age

2 thoughts on “Something After All – Rare John Daulton podcast appearance”

  1. You should talk about Gamergate. GG is a very toxic community, but be very careful when mentioning Kiwifarms because KF is a GG crusaders and has been recorded to doxx people for fun.

  2. Real Shit? This John is just a nobody, he think he’s famous for Galaxy Mage that looked like Star Wars had sex with a Harry Potter novel.

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