Alien Outcomes – TGM 6 (Coming 2017)

Alien Outcomes – Book 6 of the The Galactic Mage Series.

I am currently working on Alien Outcomes. It’s a really big work, the culmination of several thousand pages of story, and it is the next (and possibly final) book in a massive series that has taken me over a decade to put together. My story has come together in wonderful ways, both sticking exactly to my original plan and yet, somehow—magically almost—taking on new layers that can only be attributed to muses or some other creative force beyond my actual skill as a writer. The success of this series is, frankly, also well beyond my ability as a writer. I am humbled by it, but also excited and motivated and, honestly overjoyed. I cannot thank the fans of this series enough for their amazing support and loyalty.

I look into my outline, the end of this epic, and am so stoked to finally get to write these last scenes, many of which were the original driving forces for the story to begin. To get to put these plot lines together and give these characters fulfillment of their destinies is awesome (and a little sad … although I do have spin off ideas kicking around for those who make it through the end). But, just being the geek that I am … I have literally been waiting for and working toward the chance to write these final epic scenes for over ten years. Frankly, I’ve been imagining and reimagining these final pieces for so long it’s kind of scary. No pressure, right? Just, you know, scenes you have envisioned since your age started with a decade-sized lower number. Way before tens of thousands of people read the first five parts and are watching now. No pressure. Try not to blow it!

I know some have complained that I have labored (even belabored) events and scenes in places across my books. I don’t deny it. I also don’t apologize for it. For me, it all had to be. But, now, the story concludes. Be patient, but be stoked. It’s finally here (or almost, anyway)), the last act of this epic, magical, galactic play.

Check back from time to time on this page. I will leave updates on my progress. I promise no time for finishing. I’m editing it now, so the draft is done, but editing is at least half of the work. I originally was shooting for December 2015, then I thought maybe first quarter of 2016, but that obviously didn’t happen, so at this point I’m just working on getting it polished and ready for some time in 2017. It’s huge. As big as Rift in the Races, and that just can’t be done well fast. All I can promise is that I will work hard and get it done as quickly as it is possible to do.

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03/24/2017 – <Insert shitty excuse here>, but I’m getting there.

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Previous Updates:

02/05/2017 – The tortoise not the hare!

10/27/2016 – Still growing. Well over half way mark now, and moving along at a steady snail’s pace. Good news (for me and the story if not my wife) with the holidays coming, my wife has to work for most of them, so I’ll be able to take some big chunks of time that aren’t filled with activities. I dare not pronounce the sounds that make a deadline, but I do actually see the finish line of this round of edits drawing within sprinting distance!!!

8/30/2016 – Page 280 of 697 … still growing in huge chunks. It’s 20,000 or so words longer than it was a few months ago (1/3 the length of a short novel added). I got other issues slowing me up, but I hate excuses, so I’m just going to admit I suck and am taking forever. It will come out when it is done. 2017. Don’t know when. I am sorry. I’m not going to rush and not going to put out shit. So, it is what it is. (I’ll just add that if the U.S. healthcare system wasn’t what it is, things would go faster. End of comment.)

5/05/2016 – About 20% of the way done with first round edits. Progress is steady. Book is expanding, as anticipated. I’m wondering if it will get too long for a single volume in print. No limit on e-books, so that’s not an issue, but if it gets too big for paperback, I’m going to have to figure something out. Amazon pricing on paperbacks is so high, I really don’t want to do a “part 1” and “part 2.” I’ll definitely push margins and squeeze down font size like I did with Rift in the Races first. Should be good. Too early to worry, but I can’t help it.  I’m a worrier.

4/05/2016 – I’m 55 pages into the first wave of revisions. I am extremely happy with how it came together, despite some months here and there where I thought it was going to be impossible to get done in just one last book. But I held to my outline, trusted in the original idea, and let the muses guide my hand, as they say. So, I’m pleased and now getting it cleaned up. Not even going to try to guess how long it will take. I do numerous rounds of editing, and it’s huge: like 175,000 words now, and I’m adding about 1000 words per chapter as I edit. Since there are 65 or so chapters, you can do the math, and that doesn’t count four chapters that I already know will get way more than a thousand words, because I left them stark on purpose. So there you have it.

2/10/2016 –  Likely will type “the end” on the first draft this weekend. I actually have three chapters in the middle to write that are outline still, needing the end to play out first. But that said, it’s so close I can taste it. Lots of editing and that to come, but, definitely right there. (I’ll be adding the cover to this page shortly, as that too is nearly done.)

12/12/2015 –  Outline has 9 chapters left to the end, which means, I should be able to finish the first draft (finally) this month, yes, even with the holidays. I might even get done and be editing before New Year’s, which be super cool.

11/7/2015 –  The muses have taken over. It’s very cool. Original deadlines are all shot to hell, and it’s going to be done when it is. All I know is that writing Altin at this point is really just about the most epic and nerdiest thing of all time. Love, love, love it.

10/1/2015 –  I am very close to the end, but the scenes are so important that I am writing them very carefully, letting the action play out. I know that for some, the end of book one, the last few chapters, were too quickly done. But I did them in the pacing I felt the action warranted. It was a long span of time, but a short span of pages. The end of this book is the opposite, a short span of time, but a long span of pages. I also think I’m going to go back at the end of this and rewrite a few of the earlier chapters with Pernie’s character. So, suffice to say, I’m working. I no longer think December is reasonable, however, and think January is now even an ambitious estimate. I am going to try to make that work, but I have to finish before I can even begin the editing process. So, we’ll see.

08/4/2015 –  Okay, I am having so much fun writing this part now. I got enough work into the ending scenes, that it backfilled what I was missing for the middle, and now I’m in love with my new aliens. Progress is fine. I still think I can get it out by December, or as I mentioned early, maybe January, since I seem to get a lot more traction on Amazon with January releases.

06/26/2015 –  Jumped to the end. I’ve been dreaming of this ending for, like, a decade at least, and, being honest, actually this story dates back to me in high school.  So, being antsy to get to it, I did.

05/27/2015 –  Massive cuts just happened. Don’t even know the revised word count yet. I was in a transition section that was just not fun and had a huge missing element in it. Was causing me to slog through a few chapters, which is never a good sign. I have figured out what I was doing wrong (thanks to the muses hitting me up in a dream), and while it is painful in terms of work and effort lost, I will be dumping somewhere around 50 to 100 pages. The upside is, what I realized from the dream is sooooo freaking cool, I can hardly wait to write it. That’s always a good sign. (More detail in this blog post if you are interested:  Here.

04/28/2015 –  93,000 words now, roughly 320 pages. A lot to hold together, so having to go back and double check notes, read through previous books, etc. to make sure I’m holding to the rules. My wife had an emergency surgery two weeks ago, and that has added further delays. But, the work is the work, fate is fate, and story will be told when it is told. I am looking forward to a fight scene that I have schedule to start on come Thursday. I super love writing those. Woot!

03/29/2015 –  Hit the 75,000 word mark today, which is around 225 pages. My outline is holding up well, with the muse fleshing things out nicely. I’m about 10,000 words behind my target at this point, but life has a way of doing that sort of thing to me. It’s close enough that I’m still comfortable with my target release plans.

01/06/2015 –  9,000 words written. Going through outline and plotting and working through prophetic fine touches to make sure the religious underpinnings all tie the foundations together from book 1 through the series neatly. Lots of note checking and reading back through the series at this point, making writing slower, but, very cool and fun.

3 thoughts on “Alien Outcomes – TGM 6 (Coming 2017)”

  1. I picked up the Galactic Mage almost by accident and it quickly became one of my favorite stories. One day while telling a friend about this awesome tail, I looked it up to find that John had written and published another! I had NO idea it was going to be a trilogy let alone a double.

    I eagerly await the final(?) tail and will probably try and marathon read the series again. This is something I rarely do, but I loved the development of the original story and the progression all the characters have made.

  2. No offense, but its been for fucking ever man. Is it coming out anytime soon at all? haven’t seen a post on it in almost five months and we reaaaallllly overshot the 2015 deadline, lol. Just give us some kind of idea whats happening. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top. If you want to send me a pre release version that’d be kool too. lol

    1. It is getting there. It’s gotten long. I vowed to finish the series off (at least the main, original plan story) in one final book, and it’s turned huge. That said, not gonna lie, I had to take a day job to pay for some crap, multiple craps, that happened in my family that threw everything into … let’s just say, “not how I planned it” mode. So I am really slow as shit now. I am at about the 30% mark in revisions, maybe more. Not even going to hit my Christmas/January mark. It will be out in 2017, that’s all I can promise. I know it’s bullshit. But that’s what it is. I’m not going to rush it out and publish trash. I’d rather never publish it than that. So, you have to wait. If you can’t, I don’t blame you. All I can tell myself is to be real to the story. I waited over a decade for the rest of the Wheel of Time thing (Yes, he died, so, that’s a better excuse than mine), but hey, George R.R. Martin just finally said, “Fuck it, I’m out,” on book six and handed it off to fans. So, I feel like, even if my book six is slow as shit, it will at least be done. By me.

      Thanks for giving a shit, dude. I know I suck, but that’s real.

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